Friday, July 21, 2017

flowers and help with Mum and Hubby.... 2017-7-21

..  Hi ...  

 Mum is getting stronger which is wonderful ....she can walk with a walker inside the house and doesn't go back to bed now, she sleeps in her armchair on and off through the day . I don't need to do any 'hands on' nursing for her.. just be there and help in the bathroom ..
If Mum is having a 'funny head ' day (as she calls it).. her confusion and irritability kicks in and that is stressful for me ..
I have a lot of help and support from an aged care organisation and my daughter Mary which is great...

Mary is moving in to stay for a while next week while Hubby has a heart operation ....
 Lots of coming and goings happening.....

Thank you all for your concern for Mum .. I appreciate it very much  ... xxxxxxx

I was very happy with this photo I took earlier this week ....  it's Oxalis..  my favourite weed  ...

I  was excited to see on of my Dutch Hyacinths is starting to bloom  yesterday .....  

..The Choko Vine is off and climbing again....'s one I played around with ......

....  and a lovely little fluffy weed .....

... have a great day ...
 Love ... Barb  xxxxx


  1. Glad Mavis is geting stronger.
    Hope all goes well With hubby operation..

    1. .. thanks Merle .. xxxx
      He should be fine ... fingers crossed... he has never had a valve replacement before ..
      xxx Barb ............

  2. I hope hubby's operation is trouble free, his recuperation too. Glad to hear you have help with your mum, I can understand your stress when she has a bad day with irritation etc.

    1. .. thank you River .... it's so great having a care person shower Mum and hearing her talking and happy ..
      I know it's only natural that I get the nasty moods as well as the nice ones.. I'm with her all day every day ... \o/ .... Barb xxxxx

  3. Sweet friend, please know that I am lifting you and your family up in prayer.

    Thank you for the lovely pictures. Hugs to you!

    1. ..Thank you Stephanie ..... I appreciate your prayers and your visit ... xxxx .... Barb xxxx

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