Saturday, July 8, 2017

... at last.... a catch-up post ... 2017-7-8 ..

.. a lot has happened since I posted about 6 weeks ago ...

 Mum was sick for 2 weeks and then was in hospital for 3 weeks .

  She has lost a lot of weight and is weak and tired.

..  this is my sister helping mum to have a meal in hospital ... poor mum couldn't hold the spoon or fork properly ....

..  Mum had to have oxygen to help her breathing because her heart was playing up ....

.... our lounge room went from this cosy little area .........

..  to this comfortable private ward for Mum ...  the doctors said mum needed the hospital bed because she needed  ongoing care from nursing , physio and personal care caregivers ...  she is very frail ....
she has settled in at home very well ..   she doesn't like that the bed has sides on it , but says she understands it's for her own protection ...  Mum's doctor has named this   ..'the Team Mavis Ward'......

...  here's Mum checking out the morning paper .... something she doesn't do much of these days....  it was good to see...

We thought Mum wouldn't be well enough to come home from hospital at one point....  but God answered our prayers and she is now home .. where she wants to be ... her wish is to pass away quietly at home ... and we are trying to make this possible for her...  BUT ....   who knows what the future holds ...  Mum might be with us for a long time yet ...   that's in The Lord's Hands.

... some flowers to finish with ...  these roses and lavender are from my sisters garden ..  xxxxxx

Have a good day ..
Love ...  Barb  xxxxx


  1. Sorry to hear your Mum is frail now, it's lovely that you have her at home where she is cared for and surrounded by those she loves who love her in return. That's a good way to go, when the time comes.
    The flowers are lovely, I've never seen a geraldton wax ? flower quite so close.

  2. ..thanks River... I'm happy that Mum is home. She isn't 'sick' so doesn't need nursing and if she gets to where she does the Pallative Care nurses will come and do it for her .. I am amazed at all the help that is available to help keep people out of nursing homes and with their family.
    I was pleased with the way the Geraldton wax flower turned out ... they were in an arrangement my brother gave Mum .. xxxx
    I'm totally loving Tom's story. Reading your Friday post is all I've done these last weeks..
    We have a routine going here at home now so I should be answering and posting more now ..
    You are a great blogging friend, thank you xxxx
    .. Have a great day ... Hugs .. Barb xxxxx

  3. Oh Barb. So good to hear from your. So sorry Mum has had a rough go of it. So glad she is home safe and sound, surrounded by those who love her. Bless you all. Susan

    1. ... thank you Susan ..... Mum is happy to be home ...
      .... god bless ... Barb ... xxxx

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  5. Happy to see her the other day it's been a while, she looks improved from when these pictures were taken.
    Flowers are always a nice touch.

    1. ...thanks Merle .... mum is improving nicely .... and I love flower photos .. xxx
      I was great to see you too ... xxxxx
      Barb ... xxxxx

  6. Hi Barb...How is Mum doing now? And how are you? I am sure you are a dedicated caretaker but that is a hard job. You must remember to take care of YOU, too. I just love your profile photo with the gorgeous blue scarf and hat. Adorable! Thanks for all your faithful visits. Hugs. Susan

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    2. Thanks Susan ... Mum is improving and getting stronger.. we have some lovely people coming to give Mum showers twice a week and exercising with her ...
      I'm trying to be kind to myself..but I still get very emotional at times ....
      xxxxx Barb xxxx