Sunday, March 5, 2017

..the rain has come.... 2017-3-5

.. it's been raining in Sydney every day for a week now.....
.. some days there is sunshine between the showers
.. some days just grey sky...

.... it's nice to have a change from the heat wave we were having ..........

the downside for us is that Hubby has to live with towel and bucket drip catchers on his side of the back room because of leaks in the ceiling that come when we get a bit of heavy driving rain...  at least it's colourful ..

Autumn is my favourite season.......  I'm glad it's here.

Mum went out for coffee with her Aged Care Carer on Thursday afternoon, while hubby and I did some shopping.
..  this lady comes for 3 hours every Thursday to give me some free time ....  it's great ......

I'm doing some colourings that I think some of my family might like , with Christmas in mind...  
.. my eldst grandson wants this one .. it's 5inches(12.5cm) square ....

 I'm using my  0.3mm fine liner pens for these little ones..  I'm enjoying it .......

...  I like this one too... it's the same size as the other one .....

I took this photo of the flowers on the Chain of Hearts plant   they are  so unusual............                                                     

 I taken some plants inside te house so Mum can see some greenery  ...

.. a lovely Parlor Palm on top of the new china cabinet we bought recently .....perfect place for Mum's angel  to live ...

..  there are plants on a white stand near our book chair ... and Mum's Crown of Thorns plant beside it ..  Mum likes it ...

.. I changed the furniture around in this room when we got the new china cabinet.....  it opened the room up a lot ....

I put a Maidenhair Fern in the bathroom and it has given the room a lift and a pop of colour ....

.. Have a good day , Everybody ...    see you soon ...........................  Barb  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Your indoor plants add a whole new dimension to the rooms. Any plants I have inside have to be plastic because of the hayfever, so I don't have any at all except the honeysuckle cutting which is still in the kitchen. I like your colourings a lot.
    I'm so glad you are having rain, it makes autumn feel so much closer. We're set for another hot week with "possibly a shower.

  2. I haven't had indoor plants for many years until now.. but I knew Mum liked them and because she doesn't walk around the garden any more I brought some of our existing plants in... Mum's favourite is the Maidenhair .. xx
    Thanks for liking my colourings..
    I hope your hot weather eases soon... Barb xxxx

  3. I love all the changes Barb! The plants look terrific indoors! We had a few showers of rain but not enough...the garden needs a good long soak for a few days to revive it. Autumn is making it's presence known..grape vine has turned and is dropping leaves everwhere this week. xxxxx

  4. .. thanks Trish ... I'm happy with the plants too.. I like the palm tree.. It's been outside behind the little shed in it's original pot for many years.. xxxxx I love Autumn.. xxxx .....have a good day..... Barb xx

  5. Oh Barb, your new profile photo is fabulous! You look very elegant. Are you a secret movie star? Truly, that is a beautiful photo of you.
    And your new china hutch is very attractive, too. Your coloring pages are truly artistic and lovely. I love all the colors! Very, very nice, Barb. Thanks for all your visits. Hugs. Susan

    1. .. thanks for your lovely words Susan .... I love this photo of me's a selfie and I'm wearing the hat and scarf Merle made for me .. I love the colours ..
      Glad you like my cabinet and arty bits ..... Barb xxxx

  6. Sorry about the leaks in the back room that is hard to live with,
    a problem with old houses and some new ones too.
    Your pictures look good.
    Good to see Mavis out and about joining the coffee drinking set.

    1. .. thanks Merle .. Mum said she'll only go as far as our back yard for coffee in future ... too tiring to go out ... xxxxxx
      I've done the colourings while playing Yahtzee with Mum .. about to change to felt Christmas decorations now .. xxxxxx
      have a lovely day and kiss the twins for me .. xxxx
      Barb xxxxx

  7. i am glad that you are almost near to have your favorite season friend.

    winter is leaving from here [Asia ,Pakistan] and spring is blooming on its peek all around.
    our summers stay for long and very hot[above 50C].
    your photos are BEAUTIFUL specially the sky shot.
    have a wonderful weekend dear!

    1. ..thank you for visiting Baili ...
      Spring where you are must be gorgeous.. xxx
      Summer sounds a bit too hot for me ..
      I'm glad you like my photos .. please come again ....
      you have a wonderful weekend too Baili ... xxxxx
      Barb ....

  8. I found your blog recently and haven't commented before but I wanted to tell you that your pictures and photos are beautiful.

    1. .. thank you very much Cheryl .... I'm glad you like my blog .. and I'n pleased you commented and I hope you visit again..
      Barb .......