Sunday, February 26, 2017

My big Surprise ...... 2017-2-26

... Hubby has been cleared to drive so Mary has her time to herself again...   we are all happy ...
..the cardiologist has found that Hubby has 2 leaking heart valves... so it's off for more detailed tests..

 Hubby and I went to our friend Merle's place today for afternoon tea...   we had it in the garden where it was mild with gentle breezes..

Here's Pidge and Kidney .. they were very friendly ...
.... a lovely Bottlebrush flower from Merle's front yard.....
.. and some lovely blue and white Plumbago growing in front of the windows ....

I fell in love with this print on the internet....   Mary photographed it  and had it printed and framed for me....  I was so happy with it ....
yesterday  our son and his wife came with this as a present for me.....   

... I was stunned and very surprised ... 
 it's well over twice the size of the one Mary did for turned out that  Mary was speaking to her brother when he and his wife were in Texas to have  Christmas with his wife's family.... and she told him about it....he contacted the company and had this large copy sent to  his wife's sister so she could bring it with her when she visited Sydney two weeks ago....  then they had it framed and gave it to me yesterday....  It is over the dining room table where  the small one was, and the small one is over the kitchen window... I love having two  copies of  it .....

...I have crickets living in my 4 o-clock plants ......

                                                                                                                                                                   .....Have a good day ...  Barb  xxxxx                                                   


  1. Found your blog though Drifting though life and your butterfly plant is beautiful.
    If you have time stop in for a cup of coffee

    1. .. thanks for dropping in peppylady .... I hope you'll like my blog ... the pink flowers in the last photo are Crown of Thorn flowers... glad you like them..
      I'll be sure to visit you .. Barb xxxx

  2. Oh Barb. So happy you had a lovely afternoon with Merle. That poster is delightful. What a wonderful surprise it must have been for you. Blessings to you and all your sweet family. Hugs. Susan

    1. .. it was a lovely afternoon having a cup of tea in Merle's garden.... I so love the poster ..
      .. blessings to you and your family too ...... Barb xxxx

  3. A wonderful surprise, a lovely visit and hubby cleared to drive. You got the hat trick :)

    1. . I did, didn't I ... thanks River....
      have a great day .... Barb xxxx