Saturday, October 22, 2016

Christmas craft... 2016-10-22 ..

 I know it's early for Christmas preparations.....  but we have our family Christmas at the end of November ..  so it's only 5 weeks away for me......

I've decided to make wreaths this year....
Crocheted Wreaths.....

I saw this amazing yarn in Lincraft and couldn't resist it..   it was on half price special...

...  so thick and soft ...  I loved it ...   perfect for crafting.......  here are some plain wreath bases......

A couple of years ago I made some ruffle scarves for the family .. I bought some of the yarn in Christmas colours.  ..  and I have used this to decorate the wreaths  .....

..this is the start of the decorations....    I will be adding other things......

...   I want a clean, classic, uncluttered look...  these will be the Family ones.......

Now for the children I went a little overboard with the glitter  and bits...  but I'm sure the young ones will love them....

 I'm using the rest of the multi-coloured yarn for some extra wreaths....   I happy with how these are turning out...
... these will just need a bit of silver ribbon and a bell..

I made this Christmas Cat for my son and d.i.l  ......  I'm happy with how he turned out .........

My cactus are in bloom ..  I have a big and small flowering one......

...  see you all next time..   ...  Barb   .. xxxxxx


  1. I love the classic family wreaths and the multi-coloured ones look like holly leaves a bit.
    The cactus are very lovely, I could never grow one once I left Sydney.

    1. .. glad you like my wreaths River.. I'm having fun doing them.... they are gifts for the family .. xxxx
      I love the little cactus flowers because I can take the pot inside for a couple of days so Mum can enjoy them xxxx
      .... Barb xxxx

  2. one can never start christmas preparations too early. i have been knitting christmas gifts all year. the wreaths are beautiful, as is the christmas cat!!!

    it looks like you have many flowers coming on the christmas cactus, the blooms are beautiful!!!

    1. ... I prepare for Christmas on and off all year too Debbie....I love the Christmas season.. xxxxx
      I take this pot of cactus inside for a couple of days for Mum to enjoy xxx .... Barb xxxx

  3. Oh Barb, your wreaths are so adorable! Wowsers. You are so creative and talented to be able to make them! And that Christmas cactus is gorgeous with her lovely blooms. Thanks for your visits, Barb. Susan

    1. .. thanks Susan.. I'm enjoying doing the wreaths.. I like making pretty things...
      this Christmas cactus is my favourite one .... Barb xxxx

  4. Your wreaths are simply lovely, my friend. And the yarn looks so soft! I, too, have been making Christmas things. I like to get ahead of the game so that I can enjoy the holiday when it arrives. Just the other day I ordered my Christmas cards :)

    Hugs to you, dear one!

    1. .. Glad you like the wreaths Stephanie.... the yarn is not twisted like in ply yarn... it's like cotton wool with a strand of cotton twisted around it .. soo ..I like to be ahead for Christmas too .
      ... Barb xxxx

  5. how beautiful your craft work is dear
    these designs are so beautiful
    your Christmas will rock with your lovely decorations

    1. .. hello baili ... thank for liking my work... I love playing and making things.. xxxx Barb xxxx

  6. Those red cactus flowers are lovely.
    Christmas it's just around the corner, the years are flying by now.

    1. ...yes it is Merle... just as well I like Christmas.. lol ..... xxxxxx .. all your Christmasses will be special with your new grand babies.. xxxxx
      .. Barb xxxxx