Sunday, September 4, 2016

.. Kyton, cushions and careless me ..2016-9-4 ..

Came outside this morning to find Kyton on the good visitors lounge .  sitting on the visitor's cushions.........   Not impressed  ......
....  he made himself very comfortable and was oblivious to me being in the room.....

I took a photo of part of the tree in front of our house that was reflected in rainwater in the gutter ... and it came out like this .. I was very surprised...  I quite like the effect ......

I was trying out the new microwave scrambled egg maker last night and Carelessly walked away for a couple of moments......   I came back to find this waiting for me.....
....  I had forgotten to stir the eggs half way through the cooking time.......    the taste and texture after I stirred them...  was great..  xxxxx

The rain we had a couple of days ago has stripped a lot of the petals from the plum tree Blossoms ...the leaves are sprouting now and the tree looks lovely with the white and green.....

Mum got good reports from both her Heart specialist and her Renal specialist last week..     she was very pleased ...  and we are going to Bingo tomorrow...  (Monday).......

...Here's a single Nodding Violet flower to close with......  

... and a Coleus flower...  just because I like it.....  

..  Wishing everyone a lovely day...   Barb   xxxxxx


  1. Kyton does look warm and cosy, he reminds me of a very skinny cat, he would not be impressed if he heard me say that.
    The flowers are lovely to see after the winter but they were knocked around by the rain.

    1. .. kyton is a bit more cat like than dog like lol.. xxxxxx.... Barb xxxx

  2. Just when I thought I'd seen everything, they invent a microwave egg scrambler!
    I like the special effects tree reflection, that is really great.
    I'd forgotten that coleus flowered, the flowers are a bit like basil flowers.

    1. .. I haven't been able to do the reflection effect again.. I'll keep trying...
      I love the coleus flowers.. Barb xxxxx

  3. really beautiful images today, i like how interesting and "different" the reflection image looks!!

    i'll bet those eggs were hard to clean up!!!

  4. .. hi Debbie... glad you like my photos.... and yes the eggs were a messy clean up.. ..... Barb xxxx

  5. Lovely photos, Barb, especially the one of the tree in rainwater. Good for your MUM!!! She's quite a lady. Susan

    1. .. Thanks Susan.... I have tried to re-create the blur in the rainwater photo ... but no luck yet.. Mum is pleased with her results...... Barb xxx