Sunday, July 3, 2016

.. some pretty Winter colour... 2016-7-3

...  we still have some late Autumn colour around the gardens, which is surprising seeing how it's the second month of Winter.

.. these Gordonia trees are still blooming ...    I love the flowers ....  commonly called Fried Egg flowers ....

...  the Sacred Bamboo or giant Nandina is full of berries.....

..  I love them ...

 ....  camellias are everywhere at the moment..  wonderful colour....

I took these photos yesterday afternoon when we went for a walk ...
...  also saw these wonderful front steps ...

these photos are from my garden ... I took them 2pm today
..our plum tree has lost most of it's leaves...   just a few left now...

...  and I have a Hyacinth blooming....  didn't expect this for about another 5 weeks

I love these Impatiens... they bloom all year ......

.. the sun peeping through the choko vine  .... I love sun flares...

... this is the cake our friends brought for dessert  when the came for lunch yesterday...    it was lovely sponge cake under all that chocolate..

.. Thank you for all your prayers and get well wishes for Mum ... she is well now, just very tired all the time....
.. she has been letting me make her bed for her since she came home from hospital...   I'm happy with that..

we are back playing Yahtzee and I 've now making Mobius (twisted ) neck warmers for the nursing home and hospital ...  they are quick and easy to crochet and more convienent than long scarves ...  the yellow one is a straight one..

..   have a lovely day....  hugs...  Barb  xxxx


  1. beautiful blooms and berries, the fried eggs are very cool!! and the camellias, what a beautiful color!!

    such sweet, kind crochet projects, how nice of you!!!

    1. .. glad you liked my photos Debbie....nice to have some Winter colour around...
      Mum knitted squares for blankets for many years. I used to sew them together for her and she donated them to charity. I've continued on with easy scarves and now the neck warmers... xxx
      ...hugs... Barb xxx

  2. Cake and winter flowers you can't get better than that.
    Those steps are very striking and the bamboo with the red berries brighten the place up a lot in winter.

    1. ..I have the same plant growing here but it only gets a few berries, nothing like this plant had....
      .. the steps are great..
      ..the cake was delicious..
      ..hugs ... Barb xxxx

  3. I love hyacinths, but the fragrance is too heady for me, so I plant grape hyacinths which aren't nearly as pretty. I like those steps a lot, is the house as pretty?
    Good to hear mum is better, it's normal to be tired after pneumonia I've heard and you take longer to bounce back when you're older too.

  4. .. the fragrance of hyacinths is too strong for me too, River. I only have this little pot of them and they stay outside..
    ..the house is quite lovely.. it's an older style and large. I didn't think to take a photo of it...just the steps..
    ..Mum is getting tired more quickly now ... but as you say normal for older people...
    ... hugs... Barb xxx

  5. First time here and came over from "Drifting Though Life" I'm waiting for my lilies to bloom.
    I to crochet but need to finish my swifter cover I started.
    If you fine the time stop over for a cup of coffee

    1. .. hello Dora.. thank you visiting me.. I'd like to come for a coffee.. xxxxx
      I only do simple crochet... but I like to crochet and knit ...and colour in and play with my computer ..
      ...hugs... Barb xx

  6. Beautiful flowers, we are in the middle of summer here and my flowers are looking great this year, tho the temps have been much cooler so far. And, that cake looks so YUMMY!!

  7. ..our winter is beautiful so far... mostly sunny, cold days with rain at night.. perfect. Great for the garden!!
    Glad you likes my flower pics.. I love sharing the neighbours gardens.. xx
    ... have a good day, Judy.... hugs... Barb xxxx