Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mum has been sick..and I've been out of touch ... 2016-6-25

..  Mum gave us a scare last week...

She had a severe attack of Atrial Fibulation. .. racing heart beat..  her heart rate went to 135 and wouldn't come down.
We took her to hospital where they were able to stabilise her.
They also found she had Pneumonia.

Mum was kept on bed rest for the next 3 days.

They got her up on the Tuesday and she was walking OK with a walker so they discharged her..

Mum has to use her walker in the house now, something she didn't do before this. She only used it when she went out.Mum is still unsteady on her feet.

BUT....   MUM is home and doing well ..  Thank the LORD.. xxxxxx

that is why I haven't been in touch with everyone lately......
I know you all accept my comings and goings as pretty normal for me and I "Thank You" for

we have settled into routine again and I will now be commenting furiously ...  xxx

... this was the late afternoon sky yesterday....   our plum tree has only a few leaves left now..
we are having beautiful winter weather...  blue skies and sunshine..... but very cold....

I hope you are all well ...
...hugs, Barb xxxx


  1. Oh Barb. So sorry Mum has been sick. She has been such a trooper. Glad to hear she is back home and rallying. Take good care of yourself, too. I know how hard it is to be a caretaker. Thanks for all your sweet visits. Susan

    1. .. Mum is doing well , Susan, but she feels she should still be making her bed and getting her breakfast and lunch herself. She has high expectations of herself.... no sitting and relaxing in front of the television for her.
      Thanks for dropping in ..... I'm doing fine with hubby's help ..
      ..hugs... Barb xxx

  2. Glad to hear Mavis is feeling better.
    We are having interesting skies at the moment but not happy about the cold here.
    See you Monday.

    1. .. She is feeling better Merle, just more tired than before...
      See you tomorrow.. hugs... Barb xxxx

  3. I'm so glad to hear your mum is better and home again, that sounds like a scary few days.
    We're into winter here too now the winds have turned cold. Just a couple of weeks ago the winds were still warmish or cool, now they're straight from the South Pole it seems.
    Hope your mum continues to be well.

    1. .. it was scary River. Mum is getting stronger but I don't think get completely over this setback...poor mum is showing her age now....
      It was freezing in Sydney today....
      ...hugs... Barb xxxx

  4. My dear Barb, you certainly have had a lot on your plate. I am so glad your sweet mum is doing better...yes, praise the Lord!

    Please know that I think of you often and will keep your mum in my prayers. Hugs to you!

    1. .. thanks for your thoughts and prayers Susan.... Bless you.. xxxx
      Mum is is getting a bit stronger, but I think age and tiredness are catching up on her now..
      ...Hugs... Barb xxx

  5. Thoughts and prayers for you mother,Barb.

  6. so happy to read that your mom is home and doing well, scary stuff!! our weather has been so hot, hotter than i like. it seems spring passes so quickly!!! beautiful images you shared!!!!

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    2. ..thanks Debbie.... at 99 it doesn't take much to tire mum out... she is doing a lot of resting now..
      Our Autumn here in Australia went quickly ...the winter so far is pretty good.. lots of blue skies and a lot of cold....
      ..hugs ... Barb xxx

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    4. .. hi Debbie.. I was trying to add to my reply and succeeded in getting 3 copies of the same comment .. so I deleted 2 0f them .. sorry about that.. xxx

  7. I'm sorry to hear your mum wasn't doing well and so glad she is doing much better. My mom had that exact same thing atrial fibulation, they found it when she had her stroke.