Tuesday, April 12, 2016

...of scones and scarves..... 2016-4-12

..  Good Morning..  it's 8am on Tuesday 12th April here in Sydney Australia..  and it's raining softly......

We have had some record hot days for this time of year, but I think Autumn has settled in now.
I hope the Spring weather in the top half of the world has made itself known to all..

Hubby has been busy in the garden trimming back the plants that threaten to block the pathway....
..  as you can see here.....  he hates the hedge looking scruffy...      so he cuts it back like this...   constantly...  
..   I do like to see the wrought iron fencing..   adds a bit of  'life' when nothing is blooming.....

The Going Every Second Week to Bingo trial failed badly......
While Merle and I were concerned for Mum and thinking she was getting too tired going weekly......  she agreed to this because she thought WE were having problems with our Arthritis and it was becoming too much for US.....
I tell you, being thoughtful is sometimes fraught with confusion.....
  So we are back to weekly Bingo.. and because Lent and Easter are over Mum is enjoying playing the poker machines again...      she's a happy lady now  .. xxx

I was making a brown rug a little while back and my son saw it and said he liked it as a scarf for winter..  so .....  here he is with his lovely wife modelling the scarves I gave them.....

Hubby  made scones two weekends in a row......
 Here is Mum and Edna enjoying some...

 and then we had some when we were watching the video of our grand daughter's wedding.....
my Kyton kept jumping into my chair whenever I got up to put more food on the table....

This is what's blooming in my garden now....

      See you soon .....  have a good day...
Hugs.... Barb  xxxx                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. Your garden path looks nice and green. We are starting to have Spring here now. Things are just starting to green up and the lawn needs it's second mowing for the season. Pretty snapdragons. Those scones look delicious.

    Your little dog looks so cute sitting in the chair watching you take his picture.

    1. .. Hello Susie... glad you stopped by.... thanks for your lovely comments.
      My dog loves the camera..
      Hugs.... Barb xxxx

  2. Oooh! Scones! I haven't had any since last winter, I'll just add cream to my shopping list....done :D
    The scarves turned out lovely.
    I really like the side garden you have with the wrought iron fence; I've lived in too many houses where the side is far too narrow so is just left a weedy damp (or dry) mess.

    1. Hi River.... .. hubby's planning to make pumpkin scones next...sounds good to me.
      The plumbago hedge is behind the wrought iron..... the rest of the garden in mostly in pots..
      I'm happy with the scarves .. I've made 6 so far..
      Hugs... Barb xxx

  3. Your son is getting a bit chubby looks more like my son everyday, only you fellow has more hair.
    You are right your garden does look very big.

    1. .. Hi Merle.. yes... my son is getting chubby..
      The side passage looks longer than it really is the photo..
      Hugs... Barb xxx

  4. your garden is ginormous, and oh so beautiful!! it's spring here at the jersey shore but raining as well!!!

    been there, done that on the kindness efforts....there can be a lot of confusion on there. honesty is the best policy!!!

    1. .. Hi Debbie.. thanks for your lovely comment... xxx
      Our side passage is about 25 meters long and most of our garden is in pots.. this is the only real garden we have.. we live in a semi-detached house so we have only the one side... xxx
      Hugs... Barb xxxxx

  5. and the scarves are beautiful!!!!

    1. ... thanks Debbie.. I crochet these while I'm playing Yahtzee with my Mum in the afternoons..Barb xx

  6. Oh Barb, what a totally delightful post. Nice job on the scarves. Your son and DIL look so happy with them. Hugs. Susan

  7. .. Hi Susan..Glad you enjoyed my post.. I enjoyed making these scarves ...I'm trying to make as many as I can to use up the yarn I got from our friend Edna when she went into the nursing home... I'll be donating them to our local charity for the homeless.. xxx
    .. have a lovely day.. hugs... Barb xxxx