Monday, April 25, 2016

Family Time... 2016-4-25

 Monday .. 25th April.... 

 We had a lovely lunch today with my sister who has been visiting for a few days and my brother and brother-in-law.........
.. here we are finishing with scones with jam and cream made by hubby....  

We have had some rain over the last couple of days but today was a beautiful sunny Autumn day.

We went and saw our friend Edna in the nursing home.....  she was having a good day and it was a lovely visit..  these are some of the flowers in the garden there....

......  and one of the resident Blue Tongue Lizards enjoying the sunshine.......

.. The grey top here is a photograph sent to me by a a granddaughter of Edna's, who asked me to knit her one in yellow for her 3year old granddaughter ..  I've started it already..  luckily it's a straight forward design because there is no pattern...  It's great to be using Edna's wool for her family... xxx

The choko vine is loaded at the moment....  so a lot of cooking coming up .. 

..  just as well we love them   xxx

The window boxes that hubby made for the fron verandah are not as successful as we hoped ....  so I'm thinking of doing something a bit different out there... possibly similar to this....
..... or this.....

...  will keep you posted..   xxxx

Have a great day  everybody...
 Hugs... Barb  xxxx


  1. how nice that there are so many pretty flowers in the nursing home garden.

    i LOVE those rock projects, i would not be able to decide and would probably do both!!! your knitting rocks, it takes talent to do what you are doing without a's a pretty yellow!!!!

    have a great week!!!

    1. ... Hi Debbie.. I enjoy 'playing' with yarn and doing my own thing.. lol xxxxx
      I will post rock photos later... xxxx
      Thanks for visiting.. Hugs.... Barb xxxx

  2. Do painted rocks always look good.
    Great family photo.

    1. .. Hi Merle .. I did some little 'cactus' stones.. will do some of the circles on the larger rocks... xxxx..hugs... Barb xxxx

  3. Hi Barb...Glad you had fun times with family. The flower photos are lovely. Are chokos in the squash family? I don't know if I'd like to see the blue tongued lizard coming my way. Uh uh.
    Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog. Susan

    1. .. Susan, what we call chokos in Australia are called Chayote elswhere.. they are from the squash family and go by many names....
      The lizards are quite gentle and timid ...
      Hugs... Barb xxxx

  4. Hello Lizzie! The lizard :)
    I really love the painted cactus and stones idea. Mind if I save the photos? I might try that myself.

    1. .. Hi River.... the lizards are wonderful at the home.. I always stop ans see how many I can count.. xxxx Please save the photos .. xxxx Hugs... Barb xxxx

  5. p.s. on Thursday, April 28....Thanks for your visits, Barb. Love them! Susan p.s. Have a delightful weekend.

    1. .. thanks Susan... I love your comments on here, too.
      You have a wonderful weekend, too... hugs... Barb xxxx