Wednesday, March 23, 2016

.. pretty leaves and crochet.. 2016-3-23

 It's been a too long since I last blogged...  Sorry about that..  xxxxx

Have been a bit busy and got side tracked...

Autumn is beautiful....
..  I love the beautiful colours  of Autumn....

Clear skies and gentle warmth...  perfect.....

Mum had good reports from both her renal and heart  specialists...   healthy and stable...  good to hear.

I made 2 pretty scarves in the last couple of weeks they were fun to do....

I'm crocheting a rug at the moment...
I'm using 4 strands of 8ply yarn and a 15mm hook.......  each ball is in it's own bag so the yarn doesn't tangle......

.......  I'm using the yarn that came from my friend Edna's place when she went into care and can no longer use it.

We had a visit from this huge caterpiller yesterday....... I have no idea where it came from...  it just appeared fully grown and eating my Impatiens......  this morning it was gone...  I would love to know where it came from and where it went to....  Nature's secret I suppose....
.... it was very fat..  and very hungry..

.. I was very happy with this still life of fruit that I set up and photographed.....   I love the colours and the sunlight...

..  Have a great day.....
I'l be in touch soon...
Hugs...  Barb  xxxx


  1. Good to hear your mum is in such good health :D
    The fruit still life is very pretty. Probably that caterpillar is now spinning himself a cocoon somewhere and you'll see a lovely butterfly in the spring.

    1. .. you're probably right River... I would love to have seen this happening..would be exciting.
      Our garden is getting overrun with weeds due to the rain and the milder weather.. big clean-up coming... xxxxx

      Hugs... Barb xxxx

  2. Glad to hear Mavis got a clean bill of health.
    Thats a huge caterpillar he will eat you out of house and home but maybe a huge lovely butterfly but he will only fly away.

    1. ..thanks Merle.... The picot edge on the pink scarf worked very well.... Mum was happy with her results... the caterpillar is nowhere to be found..
      Hugs... Barb xxx

  3. So happy to hear that your Mum is doing good. I love fall colors and your scarves are pretty.

    1. .. thanks Judy... it's nice to know I'm looking after Mum okay. Fall/ Autumn is my favourite season.. I love the colours this time of year.
      I was given a lot of yarn from a friend who went into care and doesn't knit any more.. I'm making scarves and knee rugs for the homeless with it..
      Have a great day.. Hugs.... Barb xxxx

  4. Visiting you is always a delight, dear Barb! Your photos are always so beautiful and I so enjoy seeing what things are like in your neck of the woods :)

    The scarves you made are truly beautiful! And the colors are very sweet.

    Thank you for the lovely visit to my blog. Your encouraging words were just what I needed to read. Have a blessed Easter! Hugs!

    1. .. Hello Stephanie.... Thanks for visiting me... and for your lovely words.
      I love the way you share God's word through your writing and photos... xxxx
      I'm glad you like my scarves.... I gave the pink one to my Daughter in Law today..she loved it.
      Have a relaxing day... Hugs... Barb xxxx

  5. Hello Dear Barb. How wonderful your Mum got good reports. She is receiving good care! (From YOU!)

    Wow, that was, indeed, a big caterpillar. Yikers.

    Beautiful scarves, too.

    Thanks for all your visits, Barb. May your Easter be truly blessed. Hugs. Susan

  6. .. Happy Easter to you and your family, Susan...
    Thanks for all your kind words....
    The caterpillar fascinated me... he arrived big and fat and less than 24 hrs later was gone.. amazing ...
    .. have a wonderful weekend... hugs... Barb xxxx

  7. ooooh you are in Australia, enjoying fall. we here in the us, are waiting impatiently for spring!!!!! your images are beautiful, as are your scarves, i am a knitter!!!

  8. .. yes we are in Fall here in Australia... my favourite season... I love all the Spring photos from the USA....
    I knit a lot .. but I'm crocheting scarves at the moment... Easier than knitting when I'm playing Yahtzee with Mum in the afternoons....
    Have a lovely Easter, Debbie....
    Hugs.. Barb xxxx