Monday, February 15, 2016

... a Quick Hello.... 2016-2-15


I could leave it at that, but I wont......

Starting again.....xxxx     waving and smiling here....   \o/   \o/  \o/

Hello ... I hope you had a lovely weekend and a nice Valentine's Day......
I photographed this rose at the Village where our friend Edna lives...
They have lovely gardens there that the residents can sit in or walk around in....

It's been a hot week here in Sydney. Only venturing out if really necessary.

We found out on Friday that my sister Gwen has had a slight stroke..... Because Mum has had a couple of mini strokes she said she wouldn't worry ... but she is.....  it's only natural for a mum to worry about her children.....Mum is tired from sleeping worse than normal the last couple of we stayed home from Bingo and will play Yahtzee this afternoon.....

 Hubby is off getting the car ready for registration.....  he has a bad leg at the moment....  otherwise ok.

 I hope the cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere eases up soon and lets Spring in.......
 We are getting an occasional 'almost' Autumn day here and there...   nice relief from the heat.....

...  I'll say goodbye with this black and white study of my  Kyton ... I love how it turned out....

Have a great day..... Hugs...  Barb   xxxxx


  1. Sorry to hear about your sister, hope she is okay now. I hope your mum is sleeping better too, possibly she worried about your sister.
    Flowers are lovely.

    1. .. I'm sure she was worried River... but she said she wasn't .. . sadly there's nothing I can do to help her. My sister says she is OK now. Glad you like my flowers.. Hugs... Barb xxx

  2. I'm sorry to read that your sister had a stroke, but glad that she says she is doing better now.

    Beautiful photos. I love seeing pictures of your pretty summer flowers. This time of year, I am really starting to miss my own summer flowers. Those roses in your pics are gorgeous.

    I'd gladly send what remains of our winter to you, if only I could. I'm ready to be moving on now to spring.

    1. .. Hi Suzie.... I love Autumn.. a bit of warmth and a lot of cool....
      I love taking floral photos.. actually I just like taking photos.. not all that good at it , but I have fun...
      Have a great day.. Hugs,,, Barb xxx

  3. Hi's been a tough week since hearing about Gwen. Thank God it wasn't worse! The flowers are pretty. Just noticed today that some trees around town are starting to change colour. Your favourite season is on it's way! xxx

    1. Hi Trish, it has been a bit of a strain for sure.
      Mum tried to pretend she wasn't worried ... but she was of course... xxxx
      Autumn is on it's way here
      Have a great day... hugs... Barb xxxx

  4. Pretty flowers,Barb, thanks for sharing, I'll be so happy to see flowers blooming in the spring after all the cold weather we have been having!

    1. ...Thanks Sylvia.... Spring flowers are so special...I love them too. We are getting signs of Autumn here.. at last.
      Have a great day .. hugs... Barb xxx

  5. Been off the computer lately so a bit behind all ready for the plumber on Monday so catching up today.
    Hope Gwen is better soon.
    Lovely pink rose.
    See you on Tuesday.

    1. Hi Merle... I've been missing from the computer a bit too lately.....behind in my photos too.
      Gwen says she is fine just tired...
      Have a good day.. see you Tuesday... hugs.. Barb xxx