Tuesday, February 9, 2016

...in my garden.....2016-2-9

This week in my garden I found a few interesting things... I hope you like them....

Here is the last of the Hydrangea ...fading away...

I found this amazing flying insect in my garden a couple of days ago. It was hard to get a good photo..

..  googled 'strange looking insects' and there it was....  it's a Himmelman's Plume Moth... happy now.

My little cactus is blooming again...

...as is my big cactus.....

...the plumbago is looking great.....

..  the geraniums are blooming too...   and there is a little surprise on the buds....

I also found a fly blowing bubbles.....  have never seen this before....   went to google..... found out it's probably part of their digestive process...  who'd of thought this. ..... it just looks like it's having fun ..

Finishing with some happy Marigolds.....

I hope you are all well and have had a good week....
  Hugs.... Barb  xxx


  1. I love the flowers. The fly blowing bubbles is the most amazing close up I've ever seen. How did you get so close without him flying away?
    The Himmelman's Plume moth is pretty.

    1. ...thanks River... I'm glad you like my pics... I was able to get pretty close to the fly because he was concentrating on bubble blowing.. he seemed like he was in a trance... I crop everything to look closer..
      The moth is wonderful.. it's wings look like feathers.. xxxx
      Have a good day ... hugs... Barb xxx

  2. Your garden is so lovely, my friend! And oh my, what a fascinating moth :)

    Enjoy your week! Hugs and joy to you!

    1. .. thanks Stephanie... I love the moth too... I do love the few flowers I have... the garden is mostly shades of green.. so restful..xxx
      Have a good day .. hugs... Barb xxxx

  3. So fun to see flowers blooming, can't wait to see mine soon. Tho it may be awhile as we still have a bit of snow on the ground yet.

    1. ..Hi Judy .... Hope the snow goes soon and you can have flowers again.. xxxx
      I'm glad you liked my photos.. xxx
      Have a good day... hugs.... Barb xxx

  4. The bubblie fly is amazing such a good picture.
    The red cactus flowers are very pretty.

    1. ... Hi Merle... I love the fly ... He's going on my wall..
      I love the red cactus flowers too, I look forward to them every year.. xxx
      Have a good day.. hugs.. barb xxx