Sunday, February 21, 2016

.. friends and family lunch.. 2016-2-21

Yesterday we had Hubby's brother and sister here for lunch.

We had also invited Bob and Edna.. who came with Bob's grandson Michael...

It was a lovely relaxing afternoon.. lots of talking, laughing and eating... us oldies know how to enjoy ourselves...

 I made a simple spaghetti dish with chicken and cheese in it...  so tasty ..

I had planned a light dessert of fruit jelly and custard.....  BUT .... Edna brought a baked cheese cake and hubby's sister  Joan brought a large apple pie she had made...  so dessert was a feast......

Joan, who is 89, brought this large zuchini and a bundle of freshly cut rhubarb from her garden...

... and his brother Bill gave us a box of apples fresh from the orchard ......

Lots of apple and rhubarb for the freezer coming up.....

I hope you all have a great week end....  

Hugs.....  Barb  xxx


  1. Glad it all went well.
    Apple pie and cheesecake good times.

  2. ..thanks Merle.... see you Tuesday.. xxxx
    Barb xxxx

  3. The spaghetti dish looks yummy and the desserts sound wonderful to add to your wonderful visit.

    1. .. Hi Judy.. all the food was delicious .. we actually exchanged recipes... xxxx it was a fun day.. xxx
      Hugs.. barb xxx

  4. Oh Barb, that sounded like a lovely time for all! Mmmmm, your casserole looked good. And cheesecake and apple pie! Oh my. Those would be hard to resist. Thank you for sharing. Also, thanks for always visiting and leaving sweet comments on my blog. You are truly a sweetheart. Susan

    1. .. Susan, you're a sweetheart, too.
      I love your blog.. your photos and posts are beautiful..
      I passed on the casserole recipe to my sister in law....
      Hugs...Barb xxx

  5. Apples fresh from the tree! There's nothing better. Except sun-warmed peaches straight from the tree :)
    Lunch and dessert sound delicious, made more so by the companionship of friends.

  6. ... you're so right River.... nothing quite like freshly picked fruit and vegies.... the rhubarb is wonderful ..I cooked it with apples..
    ..The company around the table always makes food taste better... xxxx
    have a good day... hugs... Barb xxxx

  7. Glad you all had a good afternoon, Barb. Enjoy all that lovely fruit! xxxx

    1. ...thanks Trish.... I cooked the rhubarb with some apples... it is beautiful... we will finish the cheese cake tonight... can be a hard job finishing all the desserts, but I'm sure Mum and I will manage... xxxx
      Have a good day.. Hugs... Barb xxx