Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015-12-19 ..... Getting excited....

 I've figured out how to keep busy in the Summer while playing Yahtzee with Mum in the afternoons....
  I'm going to crochet squares for rugs ... not too hot to do a square and I can sew them together in the winter when handling a rug won't be a problem.

 I can crochet strips to make Christmas trees like this too...

..... and these little ornaments.....  

...or the flowers for this pretty wreath.....

I have spent  the last 3 weeks testing out these little crafty bits and now I'm ready to go....  next Christmas will be full of pretty and colourful gifts for everyone..... xxx

We are going to have Christmas with our friend Edna's grand daughter.
 Edna is in a nursing home permanently now and gets very lonely....  we visit her as often as we does her grand daughter... Edna's son, our friend Bob, is in Hong Kong spending Christmas with his son and family...when he is home he sees his Mum every day.....
It was my Mum's idea to take her to see her Grand daughter and great grand children.... we had been thinking of having her here with us... but this is a better plan.. xxx

                                         ... have a happy and blessed Christmas  .....

  Hugs....  Barb  xxxxx


  1. I've never seen a crocheted Christmas Tree before, it's lovely! What a great idea to make squares throughout the summer, by winter you may have enough for two or three blankets.

    I think you're a lovely person taking Edna to see her family for Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. ...Hi River..... glad you like my bits and pieces... I like to have things I can do in the after
    noon lined up and organised.
    Most years Bob brings Edna here for lunch then on to the grand daughter's place in the afternoon.... should be a lovely day.....
    Have a wonderful Christmas... cuddles to Angel.. xxxxx
    Hugs.. Barb xxx

  3. That's a good idea to take Edna to see the grandchildren for christmas.
    Isn't it too hot to crochet I can't knit at the moment.

  4. ... thanks Merle... 1 square a day is fine...
    Hugs.. Barb xxx

  5. Had to pay this blog of yours a visit as well after you visited me.
    I too crochet. I can't knit any more because of the arthritis in my hands (osteo) but now crochet huge squares during the cooler months and donate them to Vinnys who sell them. During our long hot summers in Perth I crochet smaller squares and sew them together when it is a tad cooler.
    We had a great Christmas Day at our eldest granddaughter's home. They have two girls 3 and 7 and it is always wonderful to see them excitedly open their gifts. My daughter and her husband were also there as well as another granddaughter, a grandson and an older (19yo) great-granddaughter. A wonderful day was had by all.
    Hope your Christmas was as good as ours. xx

    1. .. thanks for dropping by Mimsie... I hope you like my little blog. I aim to post weekly but sometimes I get distracted.
      I've been doing squares this summer.... planning rugs for charity.
      I live in Sydney.
      Sorry to hear you have arthritis in your hands.
      Hugs... Barb xxx

  6. Hello dear Barb....Lovey crocheted items! Great job. Sorry your friend is now in a nursing home. So sad. Glad you go to visit her. Hope your New Year is wonderful, Barb, and filled with happy times! Love your visits. You are a true sweetheart of a friend. Hugs. Susan

    1. Hello Susan.... I'm glad you like my little bits and pieces ...they are fun to do. Mum likes seeing me make things.
      I hope your New Year is wonderful too... and that 2016 is fabulous.
      Hugs... Barb xxx