Wednesday, September 9, 2015

.. Hello Spring time.. 2015-9-9 ...

Good Morning...  

I love  Spring with all it's lovely blossoms and flowers...  even the weeds look great...  

I  have been so disorganised lately..  It's frustrating...  Too many 'extra' activities going on....

We have done all we can to help Bob empty Edna's house ready for painting ... he's just trimming and tidying up the garden now.

I spent 2 days last week at my girlfriend's place clearing out clothes and re-organising her wardrobe...  she's very happy....

I re-sorted my linen cupboard and was able to donate 2 bags of linen to charity and put a dozen brand new tea towels aside for my grand daughter. Her Kitchen Tea is coming up soon and the wedding is just over 3 weeks away.....  I love having new tea towels in the cupboard..  I'm always buying them... a bit weird, I know....  but that's me... lol...

Our small electric jug had developed a dribble from the spout when pouring out the water for a cuppa.... we had to pour over the sink... so when I saw this in a mail order catalogue I bought it...
... it's wonderful. The water in the holding tank stays cold and only the water being dispensed is more lifting jugs of hot water... safer for Mum ... and we love the convenience of it too.

My cute new Rooster and Hen on the front verandah table..... I love the terra cotta colour of them.. 

Have a great day.... 
Hugs...  Barb  xxxx


  1. Snap! I used to love tidying my linen cupboard and I frequently bought new teatowels too. I have a couple of dozen stashed away now that I haven't used yet, but I no longer have a linen cupboard :(
    My kettle dribbles from the spout too, so I pour my cuppas over the sink like you did.
    I love your new terracotta chickens.

    1. I used tea towels to wrap gifts for the adults in the family ... but we stopped doing the gift thing, too many of us.... lol...but, did I stop buying them? ... no... lol...
      Have a great day River... Barb xxx

  2. Oh Barb, I know what you mean about being disorganized. I can identify totally. I have closets, drawers and cabinets that ALL must be emptied and de-cluttered. Finding time! Now that's the problem. Susan

    1. .. I find I 'over think' about what needs to go and what needs to stay and then the whole process gets bogged down and stops. I'm trying to overcome this and make quick decisions..... after 18 months of de-cluttering I am getting better at it.
      Have a great day Susan..... Barb xxx

  3. I will be throwing out a lot of linen soon, it's very old and I just don't use much of it now.
    So glad it is coming into spring it was a cold winter or maybe I feel it more now,

    1. .. It's good to throw things out... makes the rest of the linen in the cupboard look good.
      I have a large amount of wool and I'd like to pass some on to you if you are interested... xxxxxx Barb xxx