Saturday, August 29, 2015

An early Christmas Present.... 2015-8-29

Look what Mum gave me for Christmas.....

... a solid wood extending table and matching leather padded chairs...... 
 The chairs are a little low for Mum and me so I put the chair covers from the old chairs on them and they match our grey and wood colour scheme..

We have  more space in the dining area now..... this totally goes with the decluttering of the house.

We gave the other dining set we had to our Grand Daughter who is getting married in October..

Our friend Edna's family have been clearing out her house in readiness for Edna going into a nursing Home....
I was gifted with all these bags of wool to share around....  so wonderful..

... and Merle and I were each given  pot plants to take home.... these are mine.... there were too many for Edna to take with her....   and we'll buy her something beautiful in a pot when she moves..  xxxx

Our Plum tree has blossomed and looked beautiful until the weather turned cold and windy ... the tree is nearly bare after only one week...  a bit sad..

... Have a great day .....
Hugs ... Barb  xxx


  1. Hi sweet Barb! Oh, what a lovely early Christmas gift, my friend :) And your floral pictures are beautiful {as always}. Hugs to you, dear one!

    1. Hello Stephanie...I'm glad you like my flowers... I love taking flower photos... xxx I like my gift from Mum.. thanks for visiting me .. you are a dear friend.. Hugs... Barb xxx

  2. Your dining area looks lovely, sad to hear the tree has lost so much blossom, hopefully you will still get fruit.

    1. ... I hope we get some plums too River.... It doesn't give much fruit at the best of times.. I'm happy with the dining area ... Hugs... Barb xxxx

  3. Those plum blossoms are very pretty.Some of the pot plants from Edna's were very pot bound so I replanted a fair few.
    I put some in Casey's wooden planters.

    1. .. ours were doe the following day... he was in a hurry to find places for the plants.. Hugs.... Barb xxx