Saturday, January 3, 2015

.... my photos..... 2015 Jan. 3

...Sharing  some of my Photos.... and introducing a new routine for the Blog...
I have opened a new Blog for my photos... it's called 'Through my Eyes'  and I will post there on Tuesdays... xxxx

I will be posting My Week on Saturdays .(instead of Friday)   on the normal site.... xxxx

I have  a bit of a problem with the layout of this post... I can't remember how to write  about the photos without the text being  text being in the centre of the line and in a white 'box'
I'm sure I'll sort it out....

I'm open to any constructive criticism and advice about my photos...... please feel free to speak your mind...  xxx

Hugs and Blessings....
Barb  xxxxx

September . 22 . 2014 
September . 09 . 2014 

August . 08 . 2014

August . 14 . 2014

September . 05 . 2014




  1. I love looking at your photos, Barb. You have a great eye. Happy New Year, dear friend. And thanks soooo much for your posts. Susan

    1. Thanks Susan... I love taking photos and I like sharing them too...
      God Bless... Barb xxx

  2. Hi looks like it could be the caption that is playing up to me :)

    1. Thanks.... I hope I can fix it.... Barb xxxx

  3. Hello, dear Barbara! Your photos are always lovely to look at and it's nice seeing the flowers since we have only snow right now :)

    Happy New Year, sweet lady! Hugs!

    1. .. I'm glad the flowers brightened your day Stephanie... God Bless ... Barb xxx