Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Smiles on Tuesday..... 2014.12.09/10

I must apologise again for being late with my post..... 

I kinda have a good reason ... you see my new computer that hubby set up last week for me, updated itself to Windows 8.1 yesterday morning and 'things' didn't work the same way any's so frustrating for my old brain to cope with ... :( 
I was getting on well with Windows 8 after practicing for 6 days, even though it was so different from what I'd been doing before... then along comes 8.1 and everything is mixed up again......

Enough of that...

How is everybody??.. Well, I hope... xxx

Mum won again at Bingo on Monday..... I love it when this happens, it makes her so happy... this time she won 5 sirloin steaks ... she wanted to give some to my brother yesterday afternoon, but he said his freezer was full. Merle won steaks , too.  A good day...

We called into Merle's place for coffee and Cheesecake after Bingo and here is Mum with one of Merle's cats sitting next to her...

...another of Merle's cats....

... our Plumbago is getting into the Camphor Laurel tree in the back yard ... I think it looks great...

I'll see you all on Friday when I'll share some of the lovely Christmas decorations at the club.....

Hugs and Blessings .... Barb  xxxx


  1. Sirloin steaks? Maybe I should start going to bingo!
    I have that same pink/green freckled plant, do you know its name? I don't, I just call it freckle plant.
    I don't remember which of Merle's cats that is sitting next to your mum, either Leroy or Kidney.

  2. ... I just call all my freckle plants 'freckle plant' , too River.
    The cat with Mum is Kidney,,,,,
    The meat from the club is usually good quality.. Mum likes to have whatever we win straight away as a change from frozen...
    Thanks for popping over... Hugs and Blessings... Barb xxx

  3. Mavis and Kidney look like they are enjoying each others company, what do you think they are talking about You don't have to say anything to exchange greetings with a cat.
    My steaks were pretty good we are having the rump tonight, I made braised steak and onions with vegs for tea, it so cold,

    1. ..Hi Merle.... I think Kidney is enjoying being the cat that has won Mum over... hehehe... glad you're enjoying the meat you won.... Hugs ... Barb xx

  4. My mom LOVED Bingo, but never won steaks! :) She did win a few nice pieces of china over the years. I love your plants!

    1. Hello Nancy ... Mum's special day is Monday at the club... she plays the poker machines (which is her first love) and the raffles.... winning something is icing on the cake for her..... Hugs ... Barb xx