Wednesday, November 5, 2014

...Smiles on Tuesday.. Nov.4.2014..

hello... welcomr to my Smile Day.....

My biggest smile this week was seeing the Hydrangea bushes starting to colour up.... they should be gorgeous for our party...

...hubby and I cleaned the paint off the front windows....... here's the 'during and after' .....

I put some 'welcome' Christmas decorations up near the front door.....  will add to them later..

                         ..I also took this photo of a wasp in my garden .... I love it.....

...hope you have a good week... see you Friday
Hugs and Blessings... Barb  xx


  1. Wow, look at that Wasp! What a great picture :)

    It's always a pleasure visiting you, Barb. Thank you so much for leaving such precious comments on my blog - they always bless my heart.

    Hugs to you!

    1. Hi Susan... the wasp photo is going on my wall.. I'm very happy with it....
      Thanks for the visit...Hugs and Blessings... Barb xx

  2. I had more than normal this year, wasps I mean maybe the crazy weather is good for them.
    I like your mirror it looks great.

    1. Hi Merle... this is the first wasp I've seen for a long time ...and I've never seen one this colour before... I'm told it's a native wasp...
      I'm happy with the mirror too... xx
      Hugs ... Barb xx

  3. Good capture of the wasp, I rarely see one sitting still. Your front porch looks lovely and I've just realised I won't be able to put up my Christmas Tree this year. There just isn't anywhere I can put it so Angel won't get to it.

    1. .. thanks River,,, I'd never seen a wasp that colour before...
      ...maybe you'll just have to have a photo of a Christmas tree...when my daughter's cat was little it used to climb the Christmas tree and sleep in the top branches... cats and climbing can be a problem ..
      Hugs and blessings... Barb xx

    2. that's a good idea, I have photos of many of my trees over the years, I'll stick those up in the hape of a tree if I can find them all.
      It's definitely a native wasp. I disturbed a nest of them once, didn't know it was there, and got stung in that tender spot between nose and upper lip. Boy that brought tears to the eyes!