Saturday, October 4, 2014

... my week on Friday ...

...welcome to some glimpses into my week......

Hello..... hubby's sister and brother came for a visit on Monday and these lovely flowers are from his Sister's garden..... they are Hellebores, Hyacinths and a touch of Geranium....  I think they are lovely...

Mum has been a bit off colour this week with a tummy virus.....she's on the mend now I'm happy to say ..
I worry about Mum because of her age.... she doesn't have much resistance to these sorts of illnesses.

This tree is beautiful at the moment .. we pass it on our way to, and back from Bingo every week....I think it's called Broom.

We are getting our front verandah repaired.. the brickwork has slowly been coming apart... our house is about 100 years old...
... a little bit wobbly .... well ,it was taken down last Saturday ready to be re-laid and a low brick wall put in to connect the ends of the verandah.....
..... should be lovely when it's finished.. ... looking forward to it... xx

I was pleased to find the first buds of the season on my Tree Begonia.... it's beautiful when it's in full bloom....

... and I think my Crown of Thorns is looking pretty good too......

Have a lovely weekend everyone...
See you Tuesday... Hugs... Barb  xx


  1. Oh Barb. Lovely, lovely flowers and your Crown of Thorns is gorgeous!

    So sorry Mum has been under the weather but that was good news that she is on-the-mend.

    Thanks so much for the visit and comment. Love when you stop by. Susan

    1. ... .. thanks Susan.... the Dr. has told Mum to eat more, but in small amounts... Mum was nervous of eating in case it made her run to the loo more.. she was only having a few small cracker biscuits and water...... she's eating better now.... Thank the Lord xx .. Hugs .... Barb xxx

  2. Not much morter left in those bricks mine is going the same way.
    Hope Mavis is feeling better soon.
    Those crown of thorns are very pretty but such long thorns.

    1. ... yes Merle... they sure were wonky bricks .....
      Mum is feeling better today ...she is planning Binge for Monday..... and a meat pie for tea tonight..... I'm not sure about the pie , but she is determined ...
      The thorns are pretty big but they are spaced a fair way apart so not to dangerous.. if you're careful...... Hugs ... Barb xx

  3. Hi Barb! Blessings to you this "springtime" though we're enjoying a budding Autumn here in the states. Trees are just starting to turn and tonight it will actually go down as low as the upper 30's! Chilly! Settling into the 60's this week, though - and hopefully some lovely foliage. You are taking joy in your flowers blooming - lovely! So glad you stopped by and thanks for your good wishes. Trusting God to advance out publishing efforts to His glory!

    1. .. thanks for visiting Kathy... I'm only just learning about Google+ and how to find friends and to navigate it...a strange new world to me... I'm glad I found you again... xxxx Hugs ... Barb xx

  4. Sorry to hear about your wonky bricks, but at least you're getting it fixed. my kids are living in a rented house with most of the walls having gaps where mortar should be, they don't want to ask the landlord to repair because then he will raise their rent, they can't afford that.

  5. Enjoyed a peak into your week. I love plants and so enjoy seeing your beautiful flowering plants. Sorry to hear that your mum is having some tummy troubles and pray that she continues to do better. Have a lovely week.