Monday, March 17, 2014

Some photos...

Baby fern frond low down in the leaf litter.... I love how fluffy it is.....

Bright sunny cloudless day. Blue sky and reflections. Love the sunshine on the front of the bus.

4 photos taken from my verandah during a recent storm ... lots of thunder and lightning..... would loved to get a pic of lightning ..

random photos from around my house ... I like trying for what I think are unusual and interesting photos ...

Hugs and Blessings...
Barb xxx


  1. Great photos, I like the storm ones, it is very hard to get lighting you have to be very quick.
    The fly is very good too.

  2. Thanks Merle...... I stood under the tree outside the house looking up watching for lightning for a while... and then thought 'OPPS' ... always told not to do this if there is lightning around... so I moved away got wet. hahaha
    Hugs ...
    Barb xxx

  3. I love all your photos. I remember wandering around my yard taking the unusual shots when I first worked out the macro setting. It's still my favourite. I really like the big old tree in photos 3 and 6.

    1. ..Thanks River... I just like taking photos... any kind of photos ... and I get a real thrill when some turn out my eyes, of course.......and when someone else likes them I'm over the moon... xxx <3