Sunday, February 23, 2014

...of a Cat a Dog and some Bugs...

My DiL asked me if I could crochet a Cat toy for a workmate of hers.
I always have trouble following crochet patterns... I usually just 'do my own thing' with crochet... but I said I would give it a go.
It took me a whole morning (with the help of Mum) to figure out the pattern.
I did some rows and made a Christmas hat for one of my Owls.
Then I crocheted a Cat.
Turned out quite well ... except that I am a loose crocheter and the spaces between clusters are as big as the clusters....... got to go to a smaller size hook!!!

Kyton likes to relax anywhere he can..... here he is in the back room on MY lounge and outside on the swing seat. This seat was bought for us, but somehow ended up being put where Kyton could see the street better. Strange  how that just happened to happen. He likesit here and if it gets too hot on top he goes underneath in the shade.... Clever dog...

Recent rain and a return to sunshine has brought out the garden bugs in force....
Aphids have popped up overnight...well, it seems that way to me......
Mealy bugs have arrived and the catapillers have been here for a while on my Senico vine. Found plenty of droppings and only 2 'pillers......and I won't talk about the weeds...

This is the damage being done to the vine ... both sides are eaten away leaving transparent tissue behind....

I put lightweight lace curtains on the floor cupboards and lovely coloured food photos on the wall cupboards, to encourage Hubby and I to eat more healthy food....... I like the new look.

...My big news is that Mum has been on a low potassium diet for 4 weeks now and her potassium levels have dropped and her Kidney function has improved. She is feeling so much stronger and alert that we are going back to Bingo on Monday as a regular thing... So pleased for Mum... it's great to see her interested in things again.

                                                Some flowers to finish with ....

Hope everyone is well and happy...
Hugs and Blessings...
Barb  xxxx


  1. Hi Barb....Great job on the little owl. I could NEVER do that. SOooo happy to hear your Mum is better. Oh , that was great news.

    Take care and have a lovely Sunday. Enjoyed all your photos. Susan p.s. And thank you so much for your visit, too!

  2. You did very well with the crochet cat. Sorry to hear about all the bugs in the garden, that's nature doing her thing though. Hopefully not too much damage gets done.
    Glad to hear your mum is feeling much better.

  3. Barb you did well with the little cat. So pleased your mum is a little better. Bugs are a bug bare :) in the garden,I find it a struggle sometimes to grow organically. I get tempted to spray,but keep resisting and pick off the bugs wherever I can. Have a nice week xx

  4. The cat is sweet, and our garden has lots of bugs at the moment but Drummy is having a good time eating them all you need a hen.

  5. I love the cat, Barb! We've got a few extra garden bugs at the moment too :-(
    Merle's right about the hens..I still miss my lot!
    love to all at home xoxoxox