Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mum getting mobile…


PA040138This is my new profile photo… I took it myself…I’m showing off my new glasses…lol….

Mum has been checking out walkers/rollators with the aim of going to bingo again.

I’m happy that she feels well enough for this…


Here she is explaining to my brother how it works and how happy she is with it…..



Mum dealing cards for a game of Euchre while my sister and her Hubby and son was visiting us…..



Here we are having a Bacon and Egg breakfast, yesterday…



I managed to get a fairly decent photo of some ants on one of my flowers…..



…and a fly…. I was excited about this one…..



..a happy orange daisy …



…Some lovely rusty anchor chain in my garden



I’ll leave you with a photo of my New South Wales Christmas Bush  (ceratopetalum gummiferum)……….which is just starting to come into flower….



Hugs and Blessings…

Barb xxx


  1. The fly turned out well, glad to see your mum is more mobile, the push seat is a good idea you see them everywhere.
    How long is your sister down for.
    Will ring next week Joe & May have got us a new phone where they can leave a message and I have a mobile handset, they said I have no excuse not to answer the phone now.
    Talk to you soon love Merle............ ............. ..........

    1. Trish went home yesterday....they came on Wednesday.......
      I read you post ...sorry to hear you have a bad back, and the Beer Fairy has sore legs.....Not fun is it????
      I'm glad Mum likes her walker, too......we got it at Vinnies for $35...
      We forget to carry our portable phones with us..we rely on the
      I'll be in touch... Barb xxx

  2. Hooray for your mum!! one of my neighbours has one of those walkers, but refuses to use it because it makes her feel old. Fair enough, she's only a few years older than me. But she's had cancer and hardly eats a thing, so is very weak and thin and unsteady on her feet. She needs the walker if she wants to get out at all, but since she refuses to use it, she spends her life on her couch....
    I love the rusty anchor chain photo.

  3. Thanks River..... I'm pleased Mum is happy with the walker... it was only two weeks ago she agreed to try one. She's 96, and she she kept saying 'I'm not ready for one of them yet...only old people use them...' makes me laugh...
    I think rusty things look good in the garden.....
    Hugs ........ Barb ........... xxx

  4. My mom just got a new walker and looks very similar to your mum's. I'm glad she likes it.

    1. far Mum is just using hers for walking up and down the hallway, but she says she is feeling stronger so I'm happy...... doe's your Mum take hers out for shopping?
      ...Hugs ...Barb xxx

  5. Hello Barb...Ohhhhhh, your Mum is quite a gal. She is amazing. And she has an amazing daughter!

    Loved your photos! Oh, you are getting better and better with that camera. The fly picture was the buzz! Susan p.s. Thanks for your visit.

    1. oohhh, Susan, you wouldn't think I was even remotely amazing if you could see how upset and frustrated I get at times...we're all deaf and all have memory problems here and I tend to take things I lose it sometimes....
      Thanks for your lovely thoughts, I'll try to live up to them..lots of love.....Barb
      Mum IS amazing.... xxxxxx

  6. Great photos, Barb.. the fly is so detailed!
    Your new glasses suit you and look lovely.
    Thanks for taking care of us last week..we loved being with you all :-)
    love you xxxx T

    1. You're welcome any time,Trish...we love having you here and Mum is always so happy to see you all....You say the fly is detailed...I must e mail it to Kevin and see it on the larger screen...I don't see a lot of detail...
      Hugs and Blessings
      Barb xxx