Sunday, June 9, 2013

....Just a quick Hello....


Thank you all for your caring thoughts for the healing of Mum's wrist......
She had the plaster taken off a few days back and the specialist says she has healed beautifully.. she is getting th plaster cut off........she does have to wear a light support bandage until the wrist strengthens up again......... but, hey , that's pretty good... I think....

...She asked to be taken to the club straight from the specialist's rooms....she wanted a coffee and a play on the poker can't keep a good woman down..... hehehe..... this was the first time she was able to use both hands for over 6 weeks....... she enjoyed it.

....A couple of my latest photos.....
....Flower and Buds on my Zygote Cactus... I love the soft pink of the blooms...........the cyclamen that I had in the kitchen had finished flowering, so I brought the cactus in yesterday so Mum could enjoy seeing  it every day...... she loves it...

Barb  xx


  1. Oh Barb. Your Mom is quite a woman. You are right that you can't keep a good woman down! What a gal she is. So glad the wrist is healing.

    Now I know what YOU are such a dear! An apple doesn't fall far from a tree. Susan

  2. Blessings to you, Trish, and your mum as she heals, Barb! Glad you stopped by - I'm getting caught up with everyone after all my busy and hope to be more regularly posting. You'll be able to see my play as soon as we have it set up on Vimeo - I'll feature the link on my sidebar. Stay tuned!

  3. So Happy for your Mumma...
    sending my love your way.
    Did playing with two hands bring Mumma any more luck?
    Blessings Nell

  4. She was much improved today, a lot more energy, she had me wondering it we would still be at the club at midnight.
    Love Merle.....

  5. Good to hear your Mum is okay again.
    I've never been able to grow Zygocactus, my mum could and she also grew a huge angel-wing begonia from a cutting she took off my tiny dying one, that's another plant that won't grow for me.
    Don't throw away your potted cyclamen though, cut back the foliage and plant it in the garden in a shady spot, it will grow and bloom again, in the correct season of course.