Sunday, March 10, 2013

Of Doctors and a Garden

 We had to take Mum to the Doctors recently because of a sore turns out that she  has cellulitis in her left leg and has to rest and elevate  it...... she's not happy about this.
We're  taking her to a specialist tomorrow.

Here's Mum watching TV in the lounge room..... the day bed comes in handy.....

My poor old dog has been having a few panic barking attacks. This happens when he is disturbed when sleeping.  We had a talk to our Vet and she said he has a sleep disorder....similar to sleep walking in people. It's called Startle Response and means he's barking and jumping in a panic before he's fully  awake .... we now keep the dog in the back room. He's not allowed in the main house in case he has one of these attacks and  jumps on or trips up Mum.  We have all settled into the new routine very well.

Here is Kyton relaxing on the floor in our all-purpose back room......

Hubby and I visited a friend the other day and I took some photos of the odd little sculptures he has in his garden....

I hope you like this little tour of our friends garden....

Have a good day...
Hugs and Blessings..
Barb  xx


  1. This is Bob's garden I take it, I like his japanese bridge and the birds having a drink and a chat round the water bowl.
    Hope everything goes well with your mum and she is better soon.
    Love Merle..........

    1. Hi Merle...yes it's Bob's garden..... Mum's leg is slowly improving....but it looks like a long process....... Barb xx

  2. Wednesday---Hi Barbara...Loved the little birdies around your friend's birdbath. So colorful!

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. The peeps are made from mainly sugar and are marshmallow consistency. Do they sell them in the supermarkets in Australia?

    Take care and have a good day, Barb. Susan

    1. Thanks, Susan...... I haven't seen them in our supermarkets...but I'll look more closely, now. I know my great grands would love them....
      Barb xxx