Sunday, February 10, 2013

hello from the Wimp..

I've come to realise that writing a blog is not always an easy thing to do.

I have discovered that I have a very limited range of interests.......and I think everyone gets bored with looking at the same things ... so I struggle with  'what to write about' and don't write anything..

I'm a better 'commenter' than writer.... I love reading  everyone's posts..

I'm a bit of a Wimp.........

I'm glad I got that off my seems a little silly seeing it in black and white, but that's the way it seems to me...

Some Garden pics..

The Plumbago is looking lovely ..I love it growing over the arch..

The Tree Begonia is heavy with flowers...I love the'sparkly' look of the buds.....

The Bromiliads  have some new flowers...

Mum's pink Hydrangea  has faded to a lovely green.....

and.... the Hyacinths are sprouting.........

All in all... the garden is doing OK...... I just need to spend a day or so weeding to bring it to it's best...

I'll put up more pics soon...


  1. Hello Barb,
    I'm a bit of a wimp not a comment I would put in the same basket as you remember the commonwealth bank many years ago when the person behind the counter was rude l think you did pretty well then and a few times since.
    Those bromiliads flowers are wonderful, and so are the begonia's.

    1. ..Thanks, Merle..... I do remember that day..... thanks for reminding me....
      Barb ..xx

  2. I also find it hard to write about everyday stuff thinking that no-one would be interested, but then I mainly write so that someday my family may remember and get to know me a little better. Thankyou for your kind comments on my blog. Sadly I do not get as much time to look around and comment in blogland as much as I would like. personally I love glimpsing in at the life of my dear friends sis..
    Ps say hi to your beloved mum for me.
    Big hugs Nell

    1. Hi Nell......Thanks for understanding. I think I just need to write for me, too. Hugs to you and your family. I'll pass your 'Hello' on to Mum......she likes seeing what you and Trish do...
      Barb xxx

  3. No two blogs are exactly the same and that's a good thing!
    In the end..writing for one's own journaling pleasure is far less stressful than trying to compete with "professional" blogs that read and look like expensive magazines!
    BTDT - it's no fun :-(
    The friends that comment on my ordinary ramblings are the ones who matter the most to me.
    I reckon it's better to have a small group who care about you and your ordinary life than those who are mere glamour-seekers any day!
    Anyway..we all get blogger's block from time to time..I've got it right now actually!
    And I certainly don't consider you and I to be wimps, Barb.
    If we were, we wouldn't have even started blogging in the first place, lol!!

    Your garden is looking the colours of your bromiliads and I wish I had your plumbago!
    Mum's hydrangeas are still pretty - I love the way they fade and change hues.
    I am in the garden trying to move two of ours today.
    Hope they don't turn their heels up on me :-(
    Enjoy your day with Merle, Barb!
    love and {{hugs}} as always xoxox T

  4. Dear Barb, I believe Trish's comment says it all! When my daughter suggested I started blogging it was for a way to 'connect with others' without leaving the island (accessible only by ferry). It was a success as I enjoy 'visiting'.
    Finding a niche was not difficult as I love reading books.
    There are however many interesting blogs online,(far out of my league). I blog for myself, no stress, and it makes me happy.
    I am blessed!
    Thanks for visiting! Your garden is lovely,

  5. Hi Trish and Noelle,
    Thanks for your encouragement...I appreciate it.
    I will be taking your advice and going back to blogging 'for me'.......and if other bloggers like what I do it will be a bonus....
    Thanks again
    God Bless

  6. Very nice. I've been blogging since 2005. I really enjoy it, but it's not always easy :)
    Your latest follower.

    1. Thanks Rick.... I am happy to welcome you to my blog ..and appreciate your kind words...Barb

  7. Barb,we all struggle at times,keep going and show us more of your lovely garden. It's a great time for the flowers to look their best. xx

    1. Thanks Jeanette.......I do have some garden bits to share...Barb ... xx