Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A carefree day out


Hubby and I had a lovely day out today without worrying about leaving Mum alone too long.....thanks to my brother who has decided that every second Tuesday he would like to spend the day with Mum.
He brought a nice lunch for the two of them with him.........and then cooked some delicious Chocolate Caramel Muffins... the house smelled wonderful when we got home.....so I'm using this for my Day 5 ..photo a day....which is  'Something you smelled'

Hubby and I spent our day out by going to the movies and lunch.....
We saw Flight with Denzel Washington...... and had  Stir fried veges with honey chicken...

It was lovely to be able relax and not watch the clock.  Since Mum had a mini stroke just before Christmas I get stressed if I'm away from her for more than an hour.. so Hubby has been doing the shopping on his own. 

Later in the afternoon, my youngest daughter and I went to our local pool and had our first session of water walking.  We plan to do this twice a week...we both need to lose weight.....
My 'cozzies' hanging on the line is all I'm going to show of this new undertaking...

Tonight , Hubby only wanted a snack for dinner. He decided to have his favourite.... tinned Spaghetti on toast....which fitted in with tomorrow's photo subject ...Soft...

Tomorrow we are having visitors for lunch and because this the weather has turned cold , I making a nice warming Sausage Casserole with fresh bread rolls......should be nice..love my slow cooker.

Enough of the food....
I have discovered  Zentangle.. and I love it..
One of the ladies doing the Photo a Day posted a design she had done and I thought it was lovely ...so I  Google-d  up Zentangle and I've been  reading all about it.
It is similar to the patterns and designs I used to do in art class at school 60 years ago....I plan to recapture my childhood.....hehehe....should be fun.

Have a good day, people...
I'll see you soon

Barb from Australia


  1. "Fooood - glorious fooood!" now you've got me singing, Barb!
    Sounds like you had a great day out.
    Little brother is helping Mum with her junk-food diet - who could resist his yummy muffins!
    I'm going to check out Zentangle too..sounds intriguing.
    love and hugs..Trish xx

  2. HI Barb glad the day went well, Lex wants to see that movie too, I'm not so sure.
    Bet you were tired after the water walking you don't seem to feel how much you are doing in water.
    You do relise if Frank always cook things like muffins you will have to do twice as much water walking.
    Love Merle.......

    1. Hi Merle and Trish...I'm going to restrain myself from eating any goodies he leaves behind.......(hahahaha)......don't want to do double exercises!!
      Barb xxx