Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello plans for the year

Hello friends,

This year  I want to do some cross stitch..I have this lovely Santa just waiting  to be  done....

This kit was my Christmas present from Hubby for 2011 ... hope to find time to do it this year..

Mum will be 96 on Jan. 9......... she is becoming more frail..but still does everything, except her washing, for herself. We are all so grateful to still have her with us..
Even so..arthritis and all.. SHE  forgets her age and acts like a teenager.....

This is Mum talking to my cousin on the phone , just two weeks ago ...I love it!!
Plan to play extra Yahtzee with Mum this year

On Christmas Day I went out the front to say goodbye to our friends and found my Senico vine had a flower on it......

What a lovely Christmas present..........I plan to do more Garden Photos this year.

I'll be doing the Photo a Day challenge again this year and  posting these pics on my 'Barb's Random Things' blog  .........(on my side bar)

I've kept my list small so it will  (I hope) be achievable...

See you soon.....
Have a good day

Barb from Australia


  1. Hi Barb,
    Yes do the cross stitch it's a lovely picture, great photo of your mum talking on the phone was she doing her leg lifts exercises.
    Love Merle........

    1. It looks like that, doesn't it.....
      Barb xx

  2. Barb, your Mom is precious, I love how she has her leg thrown over the chair arm so like a teenager, and Like her I am refusing to get old, I intend to stay young forever, she is my kind of Gal.
    I also love finding surprises from my garden in winter. Cross stitching is on my to do list for this year. Wishing you a most blessed and Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Sue...thanks for dropping by....Happy New Year to you. too. Mum's sister reached 100 and Mum just might too.
      Have a good day ...Barb xx

  3. Hello Barb....God bless your Mum! What a woman. Your goals for 2013 seem very feasible, indeed. Good luck.

    Hope the year will be a good one for all of us. Susan

    1. Hello Susan....Mum is pretty special to us....
      Thanks for your encouragement....
      Blessings for 2013..
      Barb xx