Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A relaxing Christmas

Hello everybody, nice to see you in this Christmas Season.....
We had three 'official'  meals this season.......

The first was on Wed. 19th when Friends came for lunch. We had a lovely day and had a lovely meal of cold Christmas meats and salad..

The second was on Saturday 22....My sister Trish and her husband came on Friday to spend the weekend with Mum and our brothers came to visit on Saturday to see Mum, who hadn't been very well.

Mum chatting with her Daughter-in-law
...our  tasty and casual lunch, it was too hot to be formal....
..Our youngest brother (who is 50 yrs old).......making a boiled fruit cake in my kitchen..
The cake turned out so well he made another one in his own kitchen the following day.....we all enjoyed seeing each other......
Trish went home on the Sunday

The Third was on Christmas Day when my middle daughter and some friends came for Christmas Lunch...

This lunch was a little more formal, as you can see from the table setting above.....
We were all relaxed and Mum really enjoyed the afternoon ...which ended with her teaching my daughter to play Yahtzee.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas activities.........which as you can see consisted of a lot of  Festive EATING........

Now comes the return to normality and sensible food in sensible portions.....

See you soon
Barb from Australia

Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Aviary..

Hubby decided to freshen up our aviary......
The old floor was in a bad way........

He decided on a paved floor this time

We planted some thistles for the will be interesting to see how long they last..

....and made a little nest in a corner for our little lady to lay in.........she often lays eggs but the male is too old and the eggs are not fertile.........but that's ok, they enjoys the process of laying and sitting on the eggs.......we just remove them after a while and she lays all over again.......

This is Mr. Jewels  checking out the nest

...there are fishbone ferns growing in the aviary that have been there for years...the birds love to fossick in the soil

...Mrs. Smokey  having her breakfast of fresh grass and seed heads...

...Miss Chuppa Chup checking that the right branch was in the right place.......

We only have these three geriatric quarions......we try to give them a good 'retirement'

I love the finished look of the aviary.
Hope you enjoyed your visit with our birds...

Have a good day
Barb from Australia

Friday, December 14, 2012

Welcome to my house

I keep thinking I've finished  decorating  the house ..and then I see another 'something' that I like and it gets added......
so... here we go...finished or not........

My Kitchen
I've put tinsel on the curtains and door handles and used Christmas mugs on the bench shelf to add some touches of cheer .

The Dining Room.
..this candle powered 'windmill' is a Nativity and the three levels all revolve

I knitted the garland and hung the clown and can see the fridge and freezer in the mirror

..the little gold trees are put here every year....

...Hubby created this lovely piece of wall art..

..two little candle powered windmills with Angels..and my White Santa..

The Lounge Room
Our main tree sits on an outdoor table my Dad made about 50 years ago ..the tree changes baubles in cabnit ...the little tree is metal with beaded ornaments

my French baubles

I put some tinsel threads in the cut glass

our little Nativity

Front door and Hall
outside the front door

personalised wreath on front screen door

gold tinsel on the door

Lights are the main feature in the hall

Our decorations are not very elaborate but they are special to us. I hope you enjoyed seeing them..

Barb from Australia

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cute little helper

I was at my Grand-daughter-in-law's place today, minding the little g-grandsons while Hubby took our g-granddaughter to pre school and her mum for her driving test. She passed her test and can now drive un-accompanied .  We're all very happy for her.

Little Master Two was helping me fold the washing and I couldn't resist taking some photos..... 
...he loves the camera...

I love the 'rolling' action ...

.... every time he put something on the pile....

...He said  'Thank You' ...

... Max was a great help ...

Isn't he a cutie..
Hope this makes you smile ..
Have a good day....

Barb from Australia

Friday, December 7, 2012

More of my Christmas handiwork

Hello.....I thought I'd share some of the Christmas projects I've done over the years.

I knitted this Nativity about seven years ago and entered it a local show where it won second prize in the knitted toy section

The following year I added a stable, an angel and some little bugs, and entered it in the Sydney Royal Easter Show and won third prize in the same catergory.

I think this cross stitched Santa is special. I love his hood and all the holly and bells. I enjoyed doing him.

I made these Christmas Trees for presents for my family.....I used a large crochet hook, multiple threads and just made long chains. I then glued the chains to th backing and added little sparkly shapes.

I enjoyed making this banner. I blanket stitched the embroideries onto the backing using varigated  cotton.

I won first prize at the Castle Hill show with this Advent Calender. The reverse side is a plain tree and background...and as you turn each knitted square around you see the decorations appear..

I got the idea for this knitted Santa from a gift card ... he was fun to knit. This is a bad photo, sorry, but it's the only one I could find. Must take a new one...

My family love all my Christmas pieces and often borrow some for their own decorations. I have given some away due to lack of display area in my home. I hate just  having them stored away.

I hope you don't think I'm showing off with this post.....
I thought you might find it a bit of fun..

Have a good day
Barb from Australia

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