Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blossoms and Stars

Today is 25th of August ...and Spring officially starts in 7 days time here in Australia.
Here in my garden, I'm happy to say, Spring has been here for a few weeks already and I'm enjoying seeing the changes that are happening.

Three days ago our plum tree had buds and today it is covered in blossoms and petals are already falling...

The Blue Star Flowers that my sister Trish gave me last year are blooming,.....


The May bush has been covered with buds for a few weeks now....and today I found some look wonderful when the bush is fully covered

The violas in the planter boxes are looking good.....I planted these a week ago

the polyanthus,hanging suculants,and nodding violet are all coming to life.....beautiful.....

The renewal that Spring brings is so strong that even the trunk of the plum tree has put out blossoms
this year.......doesn't this look sweet........

Will post more garden photos for you to enjoy as Spring progesses.........
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Healing Garden

Yesterday my son-in-law had a hip replacement.The operation went well.
Hubby and I stayed with our daughter at the hospital all day and while there we went and spent some time in the Healing Garden. This area was lovely and I took some photos to share it with everyone.
The hospital is called The Mater and is run by the Sisters of Mercy.

...view looking towards waterfall and vertical gardens...

.....waterfall and vertical gardens....
...some of the seating .....

.....commemorative plaque.......

.....lovely potted plants....

......avenue of bamboo......

.......lovely sitting in the sun......

Our son-in-law's room overlooks the Healing Garden. It was lovely sitting on the cushions in front of the waterfall in the sunshine.
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of this special place.
Have a good day
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden Centre Visit

Yesterday Hubby and I went to our local Garden Centre to buy some plants for our two window boxes.
We bought Violas and Primulas.......they should look good in the boxes...and I know Mum likes these flowers. We like this Centre because it has some lovely displays.

                                               This is approaching the entrance...I like the lion...

                                                            beautiful Cyclamen

                                                     view of the aviary

                                               Hubby talking to a white cockatoo

                                                       These are Corellas
                                              one of two fish ponds/fountains they have here

                                                       beautiful Hellebores...

                                               Asian themed  display

                                                         more displays

                                                         Orchids and swing seat

                                                            cute hen in a pot of straw

                                                 lovely outdoor settings....

                                                          gorgeous Camelia

                                                              pots of pansies

                and these are the plants we came home with.....they are ready to be planted.

I hope you enjoyed visiting  my Garden Centre.
Have a good day Barb from Australia

Thursday, August 9, 2012

$5 Makeover

Hello all,
I know that you'll all say "Not Again", because that's what my Mum and Hubby said.........but..This Is 'IT'!!
I was doing the grocery shopping and saw this plastic flannel backed tablecloth  (groans) for a 10 seater table  at half price. $5 seemed to be calling I bought it.
When I showed Mum, she liked it I put away the one that you all helped me with and brought a new look to the kitchen dining room area.

These are the curtains at my kitchen cupboards......Not enough space for lower doors in this area...

This is the curtains now....with matching slow cooker cover and tablecloth....all matching.....I love it.

                             ....even the tray cloth matches the tablecloth.........

                                                  Here's the table....ready for Yahtzee

Pretty Good  Makeover for $5  I think...Fresh .....Bright....and wipe with a damp cloth.....Happy with this.

Have a good day..
Barb from Australia

ps....other cloth will be used outside on the patio as was suggested ......

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Disaster no longer.......

Hello Ladies,
Thank you for your helpful suggestions regarding my tablecloth.

Here is my solution...........

                                               Take one 'too big' and 'in your face' tablecloth
 Shorten cloth and put two lace runners on table

Mum likes to have all her bits on a tray on the table, so....I took a vase of poppies and split the poppies three ways.....some on the tray.....above

                                             Some on the corner shelf in the dining room area...........

                                                          And ,,,some in the kitchen....

Mum and I like the way the poppies work with the tablecloth and lace runners......problem solved!!

Thanks again for your interest and help
Have a good day
Barb from Australia

Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm wondering if anybody else has done what I did Yesterday.....????
I saw this pretty table cloth while shopping,and bought it for our dining was $4.99 before a 25% discount......I grabbed it........I liked it.

I put it on the table last night..........and was horrified at how 'in your face' it way I could live with it. Mum and I tried the Yahtzee dice on it and it was too dazzling to see straight!!!

Sooo .....It was back to our soothing, softly coloured  searsuccer everyday cloth. We breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.

I'm sure I'll find something crafty to do with the other point in exchanging a $3.70 potential resource.

Have a good day....
Barb from Australia