Sunday, January 29, 2012

rain & shine

It's the middle of Summer here in Australia...BUT... it's a little different this year.
most days are like this

some days more rain than others

some days less

some days ..sunshine

so we can enjoy outdoors


                                             Temperatures are down and rainfall is high

It's more like Autumn than Summer.             I like it this way,but I do feel sorry for the beach lovers who are missing going to the beach as often as they would like.
It feels quite strange to use the dryer in Summer instead of hanging washing on the line.....
 to carry an umbrella every day, just in case........

We re getting some sun as you can see by the way my dog follows the sunshine through the skylight...

from the dining room..

to the lounge  room.
This always makes me smile

Have a nice week, and I hope your weather is a little more normal than ours
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Craft plans 2012

I'd like to share my craft plans for this year. It has taken me a while to decide what to do this year because my ideas are usually 'too grand' for my time frame.......which is Christmas!!!
I  embroidered this counted cross picture a couple of years ago

I fell in love with this Dear Old Santa........I really liked the red hood and the holly garland

My ubby chose this Santa counted cross design and I've decided to do it for this Christmas

This is a picture of the kit he bought ... I'm looking forward to doing this.........should be fun

I knitted this Jean Greenhowe designed nativity using my own colour scheme, about four years ago

Then I added a stable.....and here it is hanging in the Sydney Royal Easter prize, but exciting to see it on display.
This year I plan toadd more animals and little bugs to the stable.....maybe some more sheep and a nice donkey..sorry for the bad photo, it was taken through the glass of the display cabnet.

I've also decided to make some little 'tree hangers' in felt and some knitted ones I can do in the car,like these

I haven't put the Knitted Nativity out for the last two Christmases so this year will be a lovely suprise for the family with the extras added...I might even do some of the new pieces in felt....I like mixed media craft.

I will still be sewing up Mum's baby I won't be bored this year!!!
I love it when a plan all comes together and there is enough time to DO IT... exciting...

I find planning this way I achieve more than if I just wander 'round saying "what will I do now?"
I can always change the plan if something unexpected comes it!
Hope you have some plesant crafty plans for this year.   Have a good week.

God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Odds and Ends

I wanted to show some of the things I have aquired over the years.I had a large collection of vintage things that was slowly taking over my house ... so ..I sold some. I couldn't part with these pieces. There are no markings on the bases of thes pieces..... but I love them anyway.

I love the colours on this juicer

small plate on a bakerlite stand

detail of pattern on's cracked ..but I love it

Ilike the solid handle and the colourful fruit

This is the sweetest little juicer

looks like Spring

The three feeding cups are are a little unusual
BUT...... the Mustache Cup in the front
is my's well used,there are
only  little specks of gold and colour left.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my odds an ends

God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mum's Knitting

Hello all,
I wanted to share Mum's Charity knitting with you today.
Mum knits 8" squares,and 16 squares make a baby blanket
In less than 6 mths, Mum has knitted enough squares to make 10 baby blankets.
Mum co-ordinates the colours and patterns she wants them to be,and I help by sewing them up.

Mum is 95 and an inspiration to our family..she is greatly loved by all of us..

each 'bundle' is a blanket waiting to be stitched together

Mm relaxes by watching sport while she knits

a finished blanket

Mum got her nieces into knitting squares and between them, my d-i-law and us we donated 15 blankets to our local Charity. Mum keeps us on our toes.... she is fantastic!!!!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Mum.

God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Monday, January 16, 2012

drinks anyone

Today I've decided to show you my coffee and tea bar/shelf that my Hubby made for me in my kitchen. It lives on my kitchen bench.
I took all the different teas and coffees out of the cupboards and put them in containers on and under my new shelf and got quite a shock at how many kinds we have.
There was....
Peach Ice Tea
Honey and Lemon herbal tea
Green Tea with Jasmine
Peppermint tea
Rasberry and Peach Tea
Green Tea with Lemongrass
and the Black tea I drink all day long.

Then there is the Decaff Coffee that Mum drinks
and the Instant Coffee
and the Ground Coffee for the dripolator my Hubby drinks

plus sachets of
Caramel Latte
Moccona mystique

and my favourite....Chai Tea Latte

It seems a little excessive even to me. We actually do drink these different drinks, just not every day.

Tea and Coffee Variety Centre

Our Everyday  drinks

My Tea House slash Coffee Bar slash  Kitchen

The other end of the bench with Hubby's  Dripolator

I hope you enjoyed peeping into my little Kitchen. I had the lower cuboard doors removed and I use curtains to give us more usable space.I  love my Kitchen.  Thank you for visiting with me.

God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

hubby's shed

on the job
 Hello, it's Barb here and I'd like to share some of my Hubby's Shed / Workshop areawith you today.

Here he is writing details of another project on his blackboard..he lets the Grand kids draw on the other side........they love it 


belt sander

He taught me how to use the sander when I was making some pendants

band saw

I wanted to cut lenses from sunglasses into pieces, so he graciously gave me lessons on the band saw
small pieces of wood

This is some of the smaller branches he has put aside for making tea light candle holders

The Wood Lathe

This is his pride and joy ... The Wood Lathe.....
This is a serious piece of equipment!!
Hubbs only started wood turning after we retired.
It was a dream come true for him

A lovely bowl,  and .....

One of his pieces that he kept at home .

He gives most of his pieces to friends and family
as Christmas presents.

.a fruit bowl.

God Bless
Barb from Australia

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This is my favourite piece he has made.
I love the colour and the irregularaties in the wood.  There never could be another one the same ... it's unique!!!

Hubby won a prize in our local craft show for each of these pieces..

I'm very proud of his work ... and him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

how does my garden grow pt.2

Hello everyone,
I thought I'd finish showing my garden. We have a few veges growing up the side near the front of the house and that area is not overgrown at all.

Trish gave a piece of her TreeDahlia.......and it is going well 

She also gave me this Rosemary, and there is some Spinach

some Sacred Bamboo and more Spinach

choko vine

complete with spider

more choko / chayote vine

leaf curling spider

this is an Ogre faced looks lie a bunch of sticks 


We have a paved area outside our back door and ths is where the clothes line lives and the dog keeps watch.

Kyton keeping watch as the world goes by
looking into the b.b.q area
where the ferns are

pretty arch

Close up of the Plumbago flowers,clothes line and windmill on the aviary.

We live in a semi-detached house and only have access on one side of the house. We park our car in the little front yard  and have filled the side and back with plants. Most are in pots so I can re-arrange them for a 'new' look.

I hope you enjoyed exploring
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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Monday, January 9, 2012

how does my garden grow?

Hello everybody,
After the rains we have had so far this Summer in Aussie, and then a few days of heat and humidity, I thought I'd check out the side garden,
WELL...   did I get a suprise ...... it was a jungle!!
The plumbago hedge has started to eat the path and the freckle plant has gone feral and there are little freckles growing everywhere
Little ferns are popping up in some of my pots...this makes me happy.
BUT... the fastest growing plant is's tall and it's everywhere!!!!!!
This is my fault because I never totally weed out the grass because I put  it in the aviary for our  birds....they love the fresh grass and especially like the soft grass seed heads.
ALSO... there are lots of Spiders enjoying the jungle.
Come and see..................

lovely and lush .. a bit too lush

our three birds will never eat all this grass

mrs.freckle plant........

and all the little freckles...

daddy long legs
Garden spider
More freckles!!
Net casting Spider

I will evict the livestock and bring some order to this little section my jungle........
Then I'll tackle the next section...............
I'll keep you posted....

God Bless
Barb from Australia

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