Friday, December 14, 2012

Welcome to my house

I keep thinking I've finished  decorating  the house ..and then I see another 'something' that I like and it gets added......
so... here we go...finished or not........

My Kitchen
I've put tinsel on the curtains and door handles and used Christmas mugs on the bench shelf to add some touches of cheer .

The Dining Room.
..this candle powered 'windmill' is a Nativity and the three levels all revolve

I knitted the garland and hung the clown and can see the fridge and freezer in the mirror

..the little gold trees are put here every year....

...Hubby created this lovely piece of wall art..

..two little candle powered windmills with Angels..and my White Santa..

The Lounge Room
Our main tree sits on an outdoor table my Dad made about 50 years ago ..the tree changes baubles in cabnit ...the little tree is metal with beaded ornaments

my French baubles

I put some tinsel threads in the cut glass

our little Nativity

Front door and Hall
outside the front door

personalised wreath on front screen door

gold tinsel on the door

Lights are the main feature in the hall

Our decorations are not very elaborate but they are special to us. I hope you enjoyed seeing them..

Barb from Australia


  1. Awe, everything looks so festive and pretty! I would love to see your windmill going.

    1. I've never done a video,Judy. It's a good idea.
      Glad you like my decorations.....
      Barb xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Yes I would like to see the windmill going too.
    Maybe you should make a video.The garland looks good with the rabbit and clown.
    Love Merle....

    1. When I learn how to record and post a video, I'll do one,Merle.
      See you soon,
      Barb xx

  3. Everything looks lovely, Barb!
    So warm, festive and inviting!
    Can't wait to see it all next week :-D
    LOVE the windmill!!!!!
    love you too..Trish xxoxoxx

    1. Looking forward to seeing you too,Trish.
      The windmill is our new go up every year.
      Barb xx