Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Aviary..

Hubby decided to freshen up our aviary......
The old floor was in a bad way........

He decided on a paved floor this time

We planted some thistles for the will be interesting to see how long they last..

....and made a little nest in a corner for our little lady to lay in.........she often lays eggs but the male is too old and the eggs are not fertile.........but that's ok, they enjoys the process of laying and sitting on the eggs.......we just remove them after a while and she lays all over again.......

This is Mr. Jewels  checking out the nest

...there are fishbone ferns growing in the aviary that have been there for years...the birds love to fossick in the soil

...Mrs. Smokey  having her breakfast of fresh grass and seed heads...

...Miss Chuppa Chup checking that the right branch was in the right place.......

We only have these three geriatric quarions......we try to give them a good 'retirement'

I love the finished look of the aviary.
Hope you enjoyed your visit with our birds...

Have a good day
Barb from Australia


  1. The pavers look much better how do the bird like there new floor, have you only got three left now, they would be a good age now, they are still pretty birds they age much better than us
    Love Merle...........

    1. Yes, they are over 10 yrs old now..and they do age better than us..lucky things...
      Barb xx

  2. I made a few mistakes in that comment please excuse me.

    1. The birds love the new floor...and don't worry about mistakes..
      Barb xx

  3. Hi Barb, we love your avairy, we have chooks in ours. We do have an out door cage that we keep our red rumped grass parrots in but we would love to have a nice avairy for them to have a bit more freedom. I always feel sorry for birds in our climate though, we always bring them inside here in winter. Thankyou for sharing, thanks to for visiting me in my blog, I appreciate your comments and thankyou dearly for your friendship.
    Blessings Nell.

    1. Hello Nell,
      I love chooks. We don't have any problems in winter, but sometimes in summer we have to put extra shade cloth on the aviary and hose it down to keep the birds cool.
      I enjoy your blog and appreciate your friendship, too.
      God Bless
      Barb xx

  4. It looks really great, Barb!
    Should easier to clean too, I imagine.
    Hope "Miss" Chuppa Chup is behaving like a lady now...she quite "forgot herself" last time I visited, lol!!

    love..Trish xx