Friday, December 7, 2012

More of my Christmas handiwork

Hello.....I thought I'd share some of the Christmas projects I've done over the years.

I knitted this Nativity about seven years ago and entered it a local show where it won second prize in the knitted toy section

The following year I added a stable, an angel and some little bugs, and entered it in the Sydney Royal Easter Show and won third prize in the same catergory.

I think this cross stitched Santa is special. I love his hood and all the holly and bells. I enjoyed doing him.

I made these Christmas Trees for presents for my family.....I used a large crochet hook, multiple threads and just made long chains. I then glued the chains to th backing and added little sparkly shapes.

I enjoyed making this banner. I blanket stitched the embroideries onto the backing using varigated  cotton.

I won first prize at the Castle Hill show with this Advent Calender. The reverse side is a plain tree and background...and as you turn each knitted square around you see the decorations appear..

I got the idea for this knitted Santa from a gift card ... he was fun to knit. This is a bad photo, sorry, but it's the only one I could find. Must take a new one...

My family love all my Christmas pieces and often borrow some for their own decorations. I have given some away due to lack of display area in my home. I hate just  having them stored away.

I hope you don't think I'm showing off with this post.....
I thought you might find it a bit of fun..

Have a good day
Barb from Australia

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  1. Hello Barb,
    The cross stitch santa is my favourite. I still have the crocheted christmas tree and I put it in my hallway every year.The last santa the knitted one I don't think I have seen him before, he is rather sweet.

    1. Thanks Merle....I love the cross stitch, too. I have a new one Hubby bought for me last Christmas...I want to try and do it for next year.
      Barb xx

  2. I love your Christmas crafts, Barb!
    The cross stitch Santa is beautiful and always looks stunning on display.
    You deserved to win those prizes in the craft shows - I know how much you put into creating these wonderful things!
    I am blessed to be the custodian of one very special piece of yours and I can't wait to have it set up in my home this year :-)
    Next week..God-willing.
    I like how the crocheted trees look like pretty slices of ice-cream cake melting on typical Aussie Christmas Day, lol!
    That's cool!
    love and hugs..Trish xox

    1. Hi Trish, I'd not thought of the trees looking like melting ice cream before...I like that idea, thanks.
      Barb xx

  3. Oh I enjoy seeing people's crafting and definitely do not consider it showing off. Good thing Bloggers usually don't or we'd have nothing to share! I can see why these creations are treasured in your family. I have truly never seen a knitted Nativity before. It is wOnDErFuL.

    1. Hi Vee,
      Thanks for your kind words
      I love doing Christmas craft.....
      The knitted Nativity is from a Jean Greenhowe pattern. She designed knitted toys...I just change/add bits here and there.
      Barb xx

  4. You are so talented! I love that crochet Christmas tree - that's such a clever and beautiful idea!