Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A relaxing Christmas

Hello everybody, nice to see you in this Christmas Season.....
We had three 'official'  meals this season.......

The first was on Wed. 19th when Friends came for lunch. We had a lovely day and had a lovely meal of cold Christmas meats and salad..

The second was on Saturday 22....My sister Trish and her husband came on Friday to spend the weekend with Mum and our brothers came to visit on Saturday to see Mum, who hadn't been very well.

Mum chatting with her Daughter-in-law
...our  tasty and casual lunch, it was too hot to be formal....
..Our youngest brother (who is 50 yrs old).......making a boiled fruit cake in my kitchen..
The cake turned out so well he made another one in his own kitchen the following day.....we all enjoyed seeing each other......
Trish went home on the Sunday

The Third was on Christmas Day when my middle daughter and some friends came for Christmas Lunch...

This lunch was a little more formal, as you can see from the table setting above.....
We were all relaxed and Mum really enjoyed the afternoon ...which ended with her teaching my daughter to play Yahtzee.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas activities.........which as you can see consisted of a lot of  Festive EATING........

Now comes the return to normality and sensible food in sensible portions.....

See you soon
Barb from Australia


  1. We had a wonderful time catching up with everybody back there at "home"!
    The photo of the black table all dressed for Christmas looks great, Barb!
    I'm afraid we are all "fooded out" here,lol!
    Time for a New Year diet plan ;-D
    Love to all..Trish xox

    1. We're the same here too, Trish. I'm glad you like the table setting......I like elegant simplicity.
      It was lovely to have you visit....
      Love and hugs
      Barb xxx

  2. Wonderful Christmas blessings you had, May your new year be filed with many more blessings.

    1. Thank you, Sue.
      Blessings and best wishes for the new year to you and your family....

  3. Christmas blessings to you and your dear family Barb and special wishes to your beloved mother I pray that she will be feeling better very soon. All my love

    1. Hello Nell,
      Christmas blessings to you and your family, too.
      Prayers that this coming year is good to you...
      Barb xxx

  4. Sounds like some good eating to me!

    1. It certainly was, Brenda.
      Thanks for visiting me.....I enjoy your blog.
      Have a good day
      Barb xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Glad your christmas went well, love as always will catch up on Monday.

    1. Hello Merle.......Christmas was good...see you Monday.....Barb xx

  6. Merry CHristmas, Barb! Blessings to you as we move towards the New Year! Just got back into Blogland after being AWOL since Thanksgiving - just not the hours in the day for the luxury of blogging for me this month. Posted a catch-up post today, though - and doing some visiting. Was just over at Trish's and saw that amazing knitted Nativity you gave her - WOW! Loved it - so precious and homespun and the colors and details were lovely! Bravo!

    All your festivities look grand - though with the cold weather here we do formal everything at Christmas time! Just seems the time to pull out all the trimmings.


    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for visiting. I know what it's like to be busy and run out of time.
      The nativity is from a book by Jean Greenhowe. I chose my own colours and made a few other changes.
      Happy New Year to you and your family, Kathy..
      See you in 2013
      Barb xxx