Monday, November 12, 2012

Impromptu 'Party'

Hello ... anniversary update......
My eldest daughter stayed at our place on Friday night and on Saturday morning decided we couldn't have our 50th Anniv. without a party........sooooo ...during the day she rang her brother and sisters and invited them to our place for tea that night.....and they came. We ordered in Thai food and they brought cakes and flowers.......It Was Nice.

The bowl the rice is in was one of our  wedding presents that I had given no.2 daughter ages ago...she brought it to use  50 yrs later..........sentimental..and I love it!!

Looking Good ....even if I say so, myself.  I'm pretending I don't feel sick...the things you do for your children, eh!!

A beautiful Peace Lily, flowers and favourite.....Ice Cream Cake......Yummo..!!!

We were given these two lovely glass hens to go with the large pink glass hen I already have..

My sister from Coomba Park embroidered this for Hubby and me......she does lovely cross stitck..

We were given a lunch cruise around Sydney Harbour on a Tall Ship...this is a replica of a 200yr old sailing ship.......looking forward to this when I'm well again...

These are Congratulatory messages from the offices of the Prime Minister,the Governor General, the Premier and other people in government..federal, state and local.....Hubby got our son and d-i-law to arrange these as a suprise.....Isn't he thoughtful!!!

This painting was done by my friend, Merle. She used old photographs of us to create her impression of how we looked on our wedding day....we have no wedding photos...... and we love it

Hubby and I decided to play around with taking our photo with the painting to have a Then and Now photo.
We used the timer on the camera and had some fun...we quite liked this one, but bossy daughter no.1 said 'no's nose is on your face'......
So  I photo edited it.....................

And.............came up with this. I cropped the photo and gave myself a little more hair in the before version so Hubby's nose is now in front of me....

This beautiful photo album was given to us about 14 years ago. The covers are wood and I love the heavy hinges. We have been saving it for this anniversary. The brass 50 was on the pot the plant we got as a pressie and Hubby put it on the album. This copy of our "Then and Now' photo has been creatively adjusted by me with a marking pen...I think I look lovely with lots more hair....If only that were true...ah well..we take what we're given. eh !!!

I've enjoyed sharing our special day with you all..
I hope you enjoyed the pics........

Have a good day,
Barb from Australia

ps....I know everyone knows I'm from Australia.......but I keep signing off this way from doesn't feel right if I just say Barb, after all this time.  xxx


  1. Happy 50th Anniversary Barb from Australia :)
    It looks like it was a wonderful party, I love your hens, I have one on top of my china cabinet.

  2. Love your "creatively edited" photo, Barb!!
    And the party looks great - not too overwhelming for you while you are recovering.
    I'm glad the kids did something for your Golden Anniversary - can't let that one slide by!!!
    Your presents are all very special!
    So now you have "3 french hens" in time for Christmas ;-D
    Hope you feel better soon.
    lots of love and hugs..Trish xox

  3. Oh Barb, that looked and sounded like a wonderful, and well deserved, celebration! Congratulations. Everything looked terrific, including the Thai food (which I love).

    Love the before and now photo of you and your hubs!

    Oh, thanks for sharing such a special day. Susan

  4. Hi Barb,
    Looks like a good time, you will love the cruise on the harbour in the tall ships pick a calm day, I went a fews years back with son and daughter in law food was pretty good too hens are good embroidery is lovely but Lex was very impressed by the letters from the VIP's I must say I was too.
    love Merle........

  5. Thanks Ladies......It's so lovely to receive your good wishes.
    I love having blog friends... xxx Barb

  6. Congratulations Barb and your hubby too. What a lovely time you had,families are so thoughtful and your presents sound lovely. I love the photo you made. That cross stitch will be a treasured heirloom I'm sure. I love samplers.
    A trip around Sydney Harbour,wow.
    I;m sorry I didn't know you had been sick,I hope you will soon be yourself again.
    I must have missed a few posts,been so busy helping our daughter to move. Where do the years go.
    xx hugs

    1. Thanks Jeanetteann,
      I'm improving and getting back into routine again.
      The years do go quickly, that's for sure.
      Hope all goes well for your daughter.
      Have a good day
      Barb from Australia

  7. Happy 50th wedding anniversary,Barb, may you celebrate many more together!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love what you did with the photo& painting - that is just too precious!