Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some bits and pieces

Hello...I'm rambling a bit at the moment..Hope you don't mind!!

Here's my little g-grandson, Tobey. who has just started to roll onto his tummy.......seriously cute

Here's Max, nearly 2, talking to his little bro, Tobey, 5mths ......they laugh together a lot

these birds came down to the outdoor table.....Max loves the birds

I saw this on a power pole when I went out shopping with a idea what it's for ..interesting

This is a quaint  little 'arty' arcade in Parramatta..... I love unusual signs....

After I re-did my hallway and gave away a LOT of our books.....I found I was looking at other things with questioning eyes
" do I really need or want this????"
 In the last two weeks I've been through my craft cupboards and have donated supplies to an after school centre
And ....
Passed all my jewellery making tools and supplies to my grand-daughter-in-law..

I'm finding culling and passing things on is quite liberating.........
.I never thought I'd say that.
 I'm a 'hold on to everything' type person

Turning 70, reaching our 50th anniversary and having bronchitis again has got me looking at ways to make life a little simpler.

OK...I've rambled on enough for tonight......
Good Night
Have a good day
Barb from Australia

joining with Trish at.....Heart and


  1. Hi Barb,
    Tobey is growing fast, him and Max are very cute.
    You know I am now checking out all the poles around here to see to see if they have handles and I have not seen another one.
    Bye for now Merle.....

  2. Oh Barb - I hope you get over the bronchitis quickly!!
    I am praying for you.
    The photos of the kids are so cute.
    I'm sure they'll have great times growing up together :-)
    You deserve a medal for all the big changes you've been making!
    But remember you told me not to go minimalist be careful that you don't give everything away yourself, lol!
    Thanks for linking up, Barb..take it easy (as Dad would say) and get well!!
    love you..Trish xox

  3. Good morning Barb,
    Those little ones are adorable! I need to do some cleaning out myself. It does make one feel better. And I hope you feel better, my friend. Do take care and enjoy the rest of your week.


  4. Hi Barb, Your great grandchildren are adorable!
    Tobey has gotten so big! Bravo for getting those shelves cleaned out. I do need to do the've inspired me! Have a wonderful weekend.