Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kris Kringle Party Pics

g-g-son Max having his party before people arrived....I love it

Hello again,

Our family Christmas party went well.
Everyone enjoyed having it at our Grandson's home.....more backyard space and a beautiful big deck.
We had decorations and tinsel, a Santa and a tree.

hanging the stockings

Hello Santa..right next to the ice and drinks

tinsel and Christmas faces

welcome door hanging

                                                    This is in the setting up stages of the day

There was a barbeque and plenty of salads and ham, pork and home cooked corned beef...yummo.

                                        My daughter-in-law made the Snowman cake  ...I love him...

There were short people and tall people there...this is from l to r ......My eldest grand daughter's fiance, my middle daughter,Sue, another grand daughter's boy friend and our Mum....

Most of us are in this pic

Mum with most of her children and their partners

My children

catching up

smiling for the camera
general milling around

G-daughter-in-law with the youngest member of our family....4mths old Tobey
Friends leaving....the 'oldies' part of the party is over....

Hope you like my pics.......other people took photos, too ... I'm looking forward to seeing them at a later date.....

God Bless
Barb from Australia

Pssst....My daughter Sue and my grandson are taking over this event ...and I will be a 'guest' and able to sit in the sun and relax and enjoy......I love being 'old'

                            , future seat in the sun for next year's Kris Kringle get-together....
                                                        Thanks  Family...can't wait to enjoy it


  1. Hello Barb...Well it looks like a good time was had by all!

    Now I am so curious. Do all Australians celebrate Christmas in October instead of December?

    Looked like it was a lovely time with loved ones. Thanks for sharing. Susan

    1. No Susan, they don't. Our family are spread out and even the retired ones are busy with volunteering for different organizations..and mostly the rest we usually try for a date that suits most. This is usually sometime in November. This year my eldest Grand Daughter turned 25 early October.She lives in Queensland, and asked us to hold our Christmas party this month when she was visiting. So we did.
      Barb xx

  2. We all had a fabulous time!!
    Lots of love and laughter - it doesn't get better than that :-)
    As for you sitting back in the sun..sounds good Barb, but I bet you'll still be in the thick of it.
    You can't keep a good woman down, lol!
    Love you heaps..Trish xoxox

    1. Thanks was fun for everyone. I plan an advisary role only from now on.
      See how good my training was...hahaha
      love Barb xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    I bet you are glad it's all over, a lot of fun but also a lot of stress next year it will be easier, sitting back watching the world go by is not bad I am learning to enjoy it.
    Love Merle.....

    1. Hi Merle....Looking forward to next year already.....
      Less stress sounds good. Mum and I will be able to sit and have cuppas
      Love Barb xx