Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My big Book clearout.

Hello ......
I've been very busy this week...I've developed Spring Cleaning Frenzy.....and this has caused considerable upheaval in our house.
I decided  that I had to 'bite the bullet' to speak, and de-clutter my hallway. Now, my hall housed some of my collections but mainly  BOOKS,books and more books. Hubby and I kept most of the books we read.. and we read a lot.

This is one section of a 24ft. long wall of shelving that was mainly filled with books. Hubby agreed to my idea and he and I went through and decided which ones we couldn't part with ... and .....I packed up the rest.
this was a little traumatic, but, liberating
This is the other end of the hall....looking sad and empty.
There are 13 shopping bags of books here to go to friends and charity. They are what was left after my eldest daughter  took 3 fruit boxes full to her place and 3 bags and a box went to a boy's school for their library.

This WAS a BIG JOB......

I have decided to fill the shelves with photos.

SO .... here is my   'New Look'  hallway........lots of frames, but no photos in them yet......I'm going to this at my leisure.........will be fun!!

 One end of my hallway with some photos and empty frames .............looking lighter

Other end .............having one row of books on the bottom looks nice....I'm happy with this......

I emptied out the shelving just inside the lounge room door and continued the bottom row of books and have displayed my small  cut glass collection...........SO THIS IS MY NEW LOOK HALLWAY........

............quite a change from this ..............I love the new look and Hubby and I have agreed NEVER to accumulate books like this  EVER AGAIN.......

                                                AMAZING.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT

A solid week of hard work and distributing books around  and  'passing on' some things was well worth the effort....   Win..Win  all 'round.......How good is that!!!

Have a good day
Barb from Australia

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  1. Wow! Barb that was a bigger job than I realised!
    What a difference it's made to the hallway.
    It looks so much lighter now with the cut glass collection displayed there.
    Great idea!! It's lovely!
    Can't wait to see it on Friday.
    Thanks for linking up AND commenting AND linking back to me :-D
    love and hugs..Trish xoxo

    1. Hi Trish....looking forward to seeing you Friday. Have a safe trip..Barb xx

  2. Oh MY, Barb. You really did it! Oh dear, oh dear. I don't know if I COULD. I have hundreds of books. They are like friends. I don't think I can boot them. But maybe someday I will. I know I COULD weed out. Maybe you are giving me the inspiration to do so.

    Good for YOU! All looks great. Susan

    1. Hello Susan....Glad you like what I've done....I find I'm looking at other things to try my new de-cluttering skills on.. This could become addictive.
      Have a good day.....Barb xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    The hallway is looking good, I have a little pile of the books you gave me it will take a while to get to read them, the rest Ian has he is finding it good to have books now to read something he normally doesn't have time to do. If you go crazy with de-cluttering you get empty drawers then you get the urge to go to the shops and fill them up again, that's always fun.
    Love Merle.

    1. Hi Merle...I'd love to have some empty drawers to play around with. I'm glad the books are giving pleasure. have a good day...Barb xx

  4. It does look light and lovely. I love books, I refer to many often, and I enjoy decorating with them, but I know that it is not good or even possible to keep every single book. We'd be buried!

    1. Hi Vee.....thanks for calling in. I still have 2 bookcases of books in the lounge room. These books are hard covered and more formal looking. I wouldn't like to have no books in the house....I'll just be more choosey in future.
      Have a good day......Barb x