Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Living life..Confused,Teary and Blessed

Hello All,
Sorry I haven't posted or visited in the last two weeks.....but I have been having a busy time and a meltdown.
Hubby and I were helping our g-daughter-in-law get their house ready for hosting our annual Kris Kringle get-together on the 13th Oct......and Mum wasn't feeling the best,and she had a swollen leg with a raised liver coloured patch on it. I wanted to take her to the Doctors but she flatly refused to go.
Instead of ringing the locum service for a home visit..........I went into panic mode and became so stressed I was useless. My sister G was coming to our party and she altered her plans and came down earlier so she could see Mum's leg. She had to have a quiet talk to me about de-stressing and not being so emphatic (a nice way of saying..rude) when I was speaking to Mum and Hubby.  I, of course, fell apart more and by the time Trish arrived for the party, after being stranded in bad snow storms,I was a  tearful mess.
Not having good hearing and not always understanding all that is said to me makes life a little (a LOT) confusing for me at times.......Mum and Hubby have bad hearing it can be a bit tense at times when we talk at cross purposes.
The short version is ..
I upped my medication and kept it together for the party
We took Mum to the doctor....she had an infected leg and a bladder infection, but is well on the mend now.
My sisters, Trish and G, and I are still best friends
I have handed the organizing of the annual get-together over to one of my daughters 
I no longer need to go and baby sit the g-grandkids.....their mum is driving now and just needs a licensed person with her
I'm getting more sleep and I feel fine.

I'm grateful for a loving family

Thanks for reading this and I will now write post a happy post
God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. Well Barb, I'm so sorry to hear of the difficulties but happy to know you are handling all very well.

    Sometimes life becomes too much, doesn't it? Glad it all turned out well. Susan

    1. Thanks feels good to be on track again...Barb xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Glad it's all turned out better, hope your mum is feeling better too.

    1. Hi Merle..Yes, Mum is improving. Her leg still needs dressing by the doctor every second she is tired.
      Love Barb xx