Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spring Flowers

Hello All,
I've been taking more photos of spring flowers.........

Hubby's pink orchid

large cactus flower

Ornamental cherry blossoms

more blossoms

more orchids

my NSW Christmas bush coming into bloom

 these flowers will be replaced by red calyxes by christmas

my iceberg rose gets one or two blooms all year round

the primulas are doing well

I live the pansies..all in a row

Mum's hydrangea blooming ..1st time in pleased

small cactus covered in flowers

Mum's cyclamen..found the perfect spot for it...finally

I love Spring and all the new growth and the re-appearance of delicate and pretty fruit blossoms and the miracle of finding plants that I thought had died ....sprouting life.

.......just like my little oleander bush did. It still looks a bit wobbley ...but I'm sure it will continue to improve.

Hope you liked my Spring garden
Have a good day,
Barb from Australia

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kris Kringle Party Pics

g-g-son Max having his party before people arrived....I love it

Hello again,

Our family Christmas party went well.
Everyone enjoyed having it at our Grandson's home.....more backyard space and a beautiful big deck.
We had decorations and tinsel, a Santa and a tree.

hanging the stockings

Hello Santa..right next to the ice and drinks

tinsel and Christmas faces

welcome door hanging

                                                    This is in the setting up stages of the day

There was a barbeque and plenty of salads and ham, pork and home cooked corned beef...yummo.

                                        My daughter-in-law made the Snowman cake  ...I love him...

There were short people and tall people there...this is from l to r ......My eldest grand daughter's fiance, my middle daughter,Sue, another grand daughter's boy friend and our Mum....

Most of us are in this pic

Mum with most of her children and their partners

My children

catching up

smiling for the camera
general milling around

G-daughter-in-law with the youngest member of our family....4mths old Tobey
Friends leaving....the 'oldies' part of the party is over....

Hope you like my pics.......other people took photos, too ... I'm looking forward to seeing them at a later date.....

God Bless
Barb from Australia

Pssst....My daughter Sue and my grandson are taking over this event ...and I will be a 'guest' and able to sit in the sun and relax and enjoy......I love being 'old'

                            , future seat in the sun for next year's Kris Kringle get-together....
                                                        Thanks  Family...can't wait to enjoy it

Living life..Confused,Teary and Blessed

Hello All,
Sorry I haven't posted or visited in the last two weeks.....but I have been having a busy time and a meltdown.
Hubby and I were helping our g-daughter-in-law get their house ready for hosting our annual Kris Kringle get-together on the 13th Oct......and Mum wasn't feeling the best,and she had a swollen leg with a raised liver coloured patch on it. I wanted to take her to the Doctors but she flatly refused to go.
Instead of ringing the locum service for a home visit..........I went into panic mode and became so stressed I was useless. My sister G was coming to our party and she altered her plans and came down earlier so she could see Mum's leg. She had to have a quiet talk to me about de-stressing and not being so emphatic (a nice way of saying..rude) when I was speaking to Mum and Hubby.  I, of course, fell apart more and by the time Trish arrived for the party, after being stranded in bad snow storms,I was a  tearful mess.
Not having good hearing and not always understanding all that is said to me makes life a little (a LOT) confusing for me at times.......Mum and Hubby have bad hearing it can be a bit tense at times when we talk at cross purposes.
The short version is ..
I upped my medication and kept it together for the party
We took Mum to the doctor....she had an infected leg and a bladder infection, but is well on the mend now.
My sisters, Trish and G, and I are still best friends
I have handed the organizing of the annual get-together over to one of my daughters 
I no longer need to go and baby sit the g-grandkids.....their mum is driving now and just needs a licensed person with her
I'm getting more sleep and I feel fine.

I'm grateful for a loving family

Thanks for reading this and I will now write post a happy post
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My big Book clearout.

Hello ......
I've been very busy this week...I've developed Spring Cleaning Frenzy.....and this has caused considerable upheaval in our house.
I decided  that I had to 'bite the bullet' to speak, and de-clutter my hallway. Now, my hall housed some of my collections but mainly  BOOKS,books and more books. Hubby and I kept most of the books we read.. and we read a lot.

This is one section of a 24ft. long wall of shelving that was mainly filled with books. Hubby agreed to my idea and he and I went through and decided which ones we couldn't part with ... and .....I packed up the rest.
this was a little traumatic, but, liberating
This is the other end of the hall....looking sad and empty.
There are 13 shopping bags of books here to go to friends and charity. They are what was left after my eldest daughter  took 3 fruit boxes full to her place and 3 bags and a box went to a boy's school for their library.

This WAS a BIG JOB......

I have decided to fill the shelves with photos.

SO .... here is my   'New Look'  hallway........lots of frames, but no photos in them yet......I'm going to this at my leisure.........will be fun!!

 One end of my hallway with some photos and empty frames .............looking lighter

Other end .............having one row of books on the bottom looks nice....I'm happy with this......

I emptied out the shelving just inside the lounge room door and continued the bottom row of books and have displayed my small  cut glass collection...........SO THIS IS MY NEW LOOK HALLWAY........

............quite a change from this ..............I love the new look and Hubby and I have agreed NEVER to accumulate books like this  EVER AGAIN.......

                                                AMAZING.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT

A solid week of hard work and distributing books around  and  'passing on' some things was well worth the effort....   Win..Win  all 'round.......How good is that!!!

Have a good day
Barb from Australia

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kris Kringle in October

Today..... well, today  I'm  looking forward to our Family Christmas Get-together, happening on the 13th October.  All the arrangements are coming together beautifully. It's starting to feel like there's a  party  coming on!!!
I love it when the family come together from far and wide.

...presents for all...

..lots of chatting... Kyton gets into the act...

...cousin conference...

...Even Mum  gets in the funny photo...

..all assembled for Mum's 90th B'day...

...more pressies...

...just hangin' around...

 These are a few pics/glimpses of past get-togethers.  Every year I try to get as many of our family together at the same time, just once, usually in November for an Early Christmas. This year it's an October happening...we have quite a large number of milestone birthdays and anniversarys to celebrate....including Mum's 96th early January......PLUS .....early Kris Kringle for the kids.......
This will be a fun time for everyone.....
The countdown is on!!

Have a good day
Barb from Australia

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