Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Day I Lost the Dog

This is a true story...
It happened in the recent past..
Actually was yesterday morning....
 I was the first person up and my sister G rang. As I was talking to her I went into the back room to see where the dog was sleeping. He has his own bed, but he often sleeps on our recliner chairs and I like to see where he ends up by morning.
Well, I looked, and looked dog.
I went outside ...still no dog..
All this time I was telling my sister I was looking for the dog.....
I went back inside and started to look all over again.....AND ... a little head popped up from inside the dog's bed...He'd been in bed the whole time!!!
My sister was laughing and asking me how I missed seeing the dog in his own bed....I couldn't understand it...
Then the penny dropped!!
I Didn't Have My Glasses On.....and I couldn't tell the difference between the brown patches on my dog and his brown blanket
.We both had a good did  Mum and Hubby when I told them.

I have decided to give my baby a different coloured blanket...maybe a new blue one would be nice.
Oh, And I've decided to put my glasses on as soon as I wake up every morning!!

Have a good day.
Barb from Australia.

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  1. Hahahaha!!! Well I'm glad Kyton was safe and sound but I can imagine what a shock losing sight of him was for you.
    Put those glasses on girl!!!
    "Like mother like daughter" eh? ;-D
    love and hugs..Trish xoxo

    1. Barb xxx

  2. Poor little puppy dog trying to have a sleep in and everyone running around looking for him maybe Kyton was playing games with you he might have hid your glasses.
    Love Merle......

  3. This is delightful.. maybe it was the fact he was actually using his bed that made you miss him. My animals sleep in anything but their beds.. I always have to put my glasses on or I miss stuff too.
    Love to your household, thankyou for popping by my blog.
    Love and blessings Nell.

  4. Hello Merle and Nell.....It wouldn't suprise me if he was laughing at me..........he's a quirky Barb

  5. Barb,this is so funny,I just read it out to my hubby who also had a good laugh. It sounds just like us. xx