Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden Centre Visit

Yesterday Hubby and I went to our local Garden Centre to buy some plants for our two window boxes.
We bought Violas and Primulas.......they should look good in the boxes...and I know Mum likes these flowers. We like this Centre because it has some lovely displays.

                                               This is approaching the entrance...I like the lion...

                                                            beautiful Cyclamen

                                                     view of the aviary

                                               Hubby talking to a white cockatoo

                                                       These are Corellas
                                              one of two fish ponds/fountains they have here

                                                       beautiful Hellebores...

                                               Asian themed  display

                                                         more displays

                                                         Orchids and swing seat

                                                            cute hen in a pot of straw

                                                 lovely outdoor settings....

                                                          gorgeous Camelia

                                                              pots of pansies

                and these are the plants we came home with.....they are ready to be planted.

I hope you enjoyed visiting  my Garden Centre.
Have a good day Barb from Australia


  1. Lovely pics, Barb.
    The hellebores are such a beautiful colour!
    I cant wait to plant some spring seedlings too!
    You will have a pretty display in few weeks from now :-)
    love and hugs..Trish xx

    1. Hi Trish.....I'm looking forward to seeing the new hellebores that have flowers that stand upright...not facing down... should be lovely.Barb xx

  2. Those are lovely flowers, and I know I'd love going there to see the birds. I've always wanted a bird, but with four dogs....two of which are of the hunting breed...a bird isn't exactly practical for me. I always enjoy watching them at the pet store though. Bet you will have some wonderful color in your window boxes soon!

    1. Thanks for visiting,Shannon. We like coming here and talking to the cockatoos.They say "hello cocky" when you go up to the cage and they sway and bob 'dancing' for you..We won't have one because they can live about 100 years.....Barb xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Where is this garden centre you did say local it's very well set out and looks packed with lots of things. I have to buy my plants at bunnings and they mostly die.
    Love Merle......

    1. Hi Merle, this is Flower Power at Enfield. It has a nice coffee shop with outdoor seating. The plants from here usually do well.
      Love Barb....

  4. What an impressive lion statue! Love that swing! I've always wanted one to put in my garden.

  5. What a great garden center! This Cornish hen especially likes the Hen nesting in the straw!