Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blossoms and Stars

Today is 25th of August ...and Spring officially starts in 7 days time here in Australia.
Here in my garden, I'm happy to say, Spring has been here for a few weeks already and I'm enjoying seeing the changes that are happening.

Three days ago our plum tree had buds and today it is covered in blossoms and petals are already falling...

The Blue Star Flowers that my sister Trish gave me last year are blooming,.....


The May bush has been covered with buds for a few weeks now....and today I found some look wonderful when the bush is fully covered

The violas in the planter boxes are looking good.....I planted these a week ago

the polyanthus,hanging suculants,and nodding violet are all coming to life.....beautiful.....

The renewal that Spring brings is so strong that even the trunk of the plum tree has put out blossoms
this year.......doesn't this look sweet........

Will post more garden photos for you to enjoy as Spring progesses.........
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

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  1. Hello Barb,
    I must say, I envy you your springtime because it is my favourite time of year. I would be so happy to live in a place where we don't have all four seasons. I find the Winter so cold and oftentimes dangerous for my hubby who has to work out in it.
    Anyway, it's lovely seeing the fresh burst of growth and renewal of life in your part of the world! How wonderful it must be!
    Thank you for your visit and your nice comment. It is always a pleasure when you stop by. Have a beautiful weekend.


    1. Thanks Sandi,
      I love your blog, but I don't link because I don't collect china......I'd like to ,but, I don't have the room. Truth is, I've collected so many 'collections' over the years I really should do a 'pass on' to free up space.
      See you in the week
      Barb xx

  2. You have more flowers than me but our nights are still very cold,the jasmin is just coming out so everything smells nice.
    See you tomorrow
    Love Merle....

    1. I like what you're doing at your place.....
      See you tomorrow
      Barb xx

  3. The plum tree is gorgeous, Barb!!
    I love the view K took of it :-)
    So glad the blue starflowers are coming on for you too!
    Love the maybush - I need to look for one up here.
    I'm sending you an email later today about what I'm doing with some of my other blogs (downsizing!)so watch out for it, ok :-)
    love and hugs..P xox

  4. Hi Trish,
    I think there is a deciduous may bush suitable for the colder areas....I love it.
    Barb xxx

  5. I had to do a double take when you mentioned spring, but then I remembered you live in Australia. You have beautiful flowers. Hope you have better luck with them than many of us in the U.S. did in our summer time. The heat was so bad many people where I lived just gave up on them this year. I'm looking forward to enjoying the fall flowers here instead. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Shannon,
      I'm hoping for a not-too-hot summer here.
      Photos I've seen of autumn/fall in the U.S. look very beautiful. Autumn is my favourite time of year.
      See you soon...Barb..

  6. It's lovely seeing your spring flowers, Barb. As you know, autumn is around the corner for us, and I'm really looking forward to it! Buster, Rudy and Sam say hello to you and thanks for visiting Rudy's blog post!
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I love autumn, it's my favourite season.

  7. Hi Barb,I'm so looking forward to Spring too. It has been such a cold winter. Your garden is looking lovely already.
    Thank you so much for your visit and comments. I so hope you like my book. Thank you so much. xx

  8. Beautiful photos of your lovely garden Barb. You must live somewhere a bit cooler than Brisbane (my city) being able to grow plums!

  9. Just gorgeous! I'm hoping our hot summer will wind down soon as I can't wait for fall!!