Thursday, August 9, 2012

$5 Makeover

Hello all,
I know that you'll all say "Not Again", because that's what my Mum and Hubby said.........but..This Is 'IT'!!
I was doing the grocery shopping and saw this plastic flannel backed tablecloth  (groans) for a 10 seater table  at half price. $5 seemed to be calling I bought it.
When I showed Mum, she liked it I put away the one that you all helped me with and brought a new look to the kitchen dining room area.

These are the curtains at my kitchen cupboards......Not enough space for lower doors in this area...

This is the curtains now....with matching slow cooker cover and tablecloth....all matching.....I love it.

                             ....even the tray cloth matches the tablecloth.........

                                                  Here's the table....ready for Yahtzee

Pretty Good  Makeover for $5  I think...Fresh .....Bright....and wipe with a damp cloth.....Happy with this.

Have a good day..
Barb from Australia

ps....other cloth will be used outside on the patio as was suggested ......


  1. NOW you are ready for Spring!!
    It's a great frugal makeover, Barb.
    I like this much better than the other look.
    So bright and cheery but not too overwhelming.
    love..Trish xox

    1. Thanks Trish, we're all happy with this 'look'.

  2. You soon will not be able to pass a tablecloth without buying it but yes this looks much better very pretty and not so overpowering and it looks nice and fresh for spring well done.

    1. Hi Merle ...... no..I'm all tableclothed out.

  3. Very nice! My favorite tablecloth is a vinyl one with roosters on it.