Friday, July 6, 2012

Sad Jumper

One of my grand-daughters had a sad accident with her favourite jumper.
The thread joining the neck band to the body of the jumper caught and broke...then one shoulder started to unravel.
I've been asked to try and repair the jumper.
Big Job!!!
The only thing I've done so far is to catch all the dropped stitches with little gold pins so no more damage is done.
I think if I can successfully restore her jumper to be wearable again, I will have earned my "Nanny Stripes'

Wish me luck
I'll keep you posted
Barb from Australia


  1. Good luck with that my eyes can't do much with repairs these days usually things get thrown away when they break.
    Love Merle........

    1. I would too...but she loves it..

  2. Barb, I have every confidence in your ability to resurrect that jumper!!
    You are very patient and creative and it couldn't be in better hands :-)
    As for Nanny stripes - you well and truly earned them a long time ago!!
    Love ..Trish xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    You have quite a job ahead of you. I wouldn't know where to begin as I have knit very little. I'm sure you have already earned your Nanny stripes without too much effort. So nice you stopped by. I always enjoy your company. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Oh my, if you can get that back together, you should definitely be awarded "Nanny stripes"! It's quite shattered, isn't it?!
    Blessings to you,

  5. If you can get that back together you will have earned your "Nanny Stripes"! Good luck!