Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Craft Storage

I was looking to start some Christmas crafting yesterday and couldn't find things .... my cupboards were in a mess.
SO ...today I got in and straightened things out

I've gone from this..... .

...This is my cluttered storage area
I had bought some supplies and been given some other bits and pieces.....and just put them into this general area

 There are art supplies, lace,ribbons,wool and various other crafts stored behind the closed door with the picture hanging on it.

I have an obsession with keeping odd boxes and   and bubble wrap 'just in case' I might need them.

Well..they are all gone..and more!!!!

Now my Christmas supplies are neatly on the shelves..

I have straw and tissue paper in the pretty pink basket..

Craft books tidy..

Some of my wool and knitting projects in a box in the bookcase ...

I'm happy to open the cupboard door now.....


My little corner is still crowded...but I feel it is more usable the way it is now.

I have hung my embroidery hoops on the outside of the door with some crocheted chains to pretty up the space.

The cane hamper has wool in it and the basket on top holds my current projects. I just move these as needed.

Behind them is a blue sewing case and under that is my sewing machine.

My comfortable chair and table is in front of this area.

I have seen some beautiful craft rooms and work studios  when I have been Blog Hopping and I think it would be lovely to have the space to spread out and have everything you need in 'just the right place'......

Alas..I don't have that luxury......... So ..I settle for  a 'compact' and (sadly) cluttered corner.......
I have learnt to create in a little cozy nest!!!

Have a good week
God Bless

Barb from Australia


  1. Very nice Barb! You are right...if we had large spaces, organizing would be alot easier. It is a challenge to organize with small space.

    Ha...I have the same compulsion to save boxes and bubble-wrap! For just -in-case too! And I also had to go against my will and throw everything away...it sure filled up my trash cans! love,andrea

  2. We are both spring cleaning early this year.
    Love Merle......

  3. Hi again! I write things down too. Sometimes I want to keep my computer's favorite's list short, so I'd rather key in the sites.

    Yes, that is my kitchen. My husband put in the cabinets from the local Home Depot store, and he even put in a window with 2 IKEA cabinets on that wall. If I could have 2 kitchens, I'd do the other one in darker cabinets :)

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I like the table in the kitchen..we can't do that ....no room.
      See you soon
      Barb from Australia

  4. Good morning Barb,
    I had to laugh about your collecting boxes and bubble wrap, just in case, because I am guilty of the same! My hubby teases me all the time about it. Two years ago we cleaned it all out but for a few 'necessary' boxes. Since then, I have managed to keep a few more, just in case, LOL!
    Thank you for coming by to have tea with me. My hubby doesn't actually share my interest in china but he knows what I like. He understands that I enjoy going to antique shops {as I understand his interest in hockey and reading the old time theologians} so he accompanies me there. Sometimes he actually enjoys himself especially if he finds a stack of old books! Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend. Happy August!


  5. Barb, you've always made your corner work well for whatever crafts you are doing.
    It's a challenge when your space is so limited - but you did a great job!
    I look at all those blogger's gorgeous craft rooms and drool over how pretty they are too.
    But to get that look, you'd need a whole room to play in!
    As for saving the bubble wrap - and gift paper and used ribbons and boxes and brown paper bags and coloured envelopes that have'nt been written on etc. etc.etc.
    Guilty as charged, too!lol!
    I feel a bit of a purge coming on now :-(
    Oh wait..that was just the bacon from lunch haha!
    love you..Trish xoxox