Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lunch with K & K

Hello ,
I had a lovely birthday week.
Thank You ..to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes.
A special Thank You to my sister Trish for spreading the word..... I had a ball receiving messages.

On Saturday, Mum,Hubby and I went to our son and d-i-l's place for a quiet lunch.
We had freshly baked,home made Lasagne and salad.......it was soo tasty

They had put up balloons and a banner ........to be used again for Hubby's 70th in November.

Decorated the table......using two party favours from one of our children's b-day party about 30 years ago.

 Mum bought my favourite Pecan Danish for dessert..........
Here is Mum and D-i-l ..and Son and Hubby enjoying their lunch

We had Hibiscus flowers in syrup in our Lemonade/Sprite ...very different!

And...I was given ...The Anne of Green Gables  Cook Book  and two more books for one of my series

Birthday...Officially Over
Thanks for sharing it with me

Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

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  1. Not quite over yet Barb because I have to wish you a Happy Birthday. xx

    PS, I have only just realised that you and Trish are sisters. That's why I always get your blogs confused. Lots of hugs ans thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. xx

  2. I like birthdays that last and I'm glad you had a nice one, Barb!
    Looks like my nephew and niece-in-law made you a lovely delicious lunch, and I see you were wearing one of your brilliant necklaces for the occasion too - "way to go, Barb!!!"
    The Green Gables cookbook sounds really great!
    You'll be able enjoy and share some lovely "Anne" things from it :-)
    Thanks for linking up.
    lots of {{love and hugs}} ..Trish xx

  3. Glad you had a great birthday food looks good and those drinks look great.
    love merle..