Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Helper

This is my great grandson Max helping his Mum with the shopping.
Here is Mr.Max with a loaf of bread in his shoulder bag and he wants more .....way to go Mr.Max
Now....... he's in the kitchen putting away the groceries...What a good helper you are Mr.Max!!

Max is a little out of focus because he was so busy he wouldn't stand still, and I didn't want posed photos. I wanted to capture his enthusiasm.
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Have a good week
Barb from Australia

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  1. He sure is a cute kid and helpful.
    love Merle

  2. Cute! Ha...I could tell he was in motion! He was the only blurred part of the picture! love,andrea

  3. Sooo cute, Barb!
    I'd get pretty enthusiastic over such a big box of Coco Pops if I was Max,too lol!!
    Mummy's little helpers are adorable :-)
    It's a good teaching moment for everyone - child learns to do something for others, and mum learns to exercise patience and graciousness for the "help"!
    love..Trish xox

  4. Hi Barb thanks for your encouragement, sorry I haven't been popping by much lately we have been really busy renovating our bathroom and trying to pack up house to move, but that is another long story and I don't know if we will still be moving now so we will have to spend a lot of time unpacking to.
    Max is at a beautiful age, I hope he continues his helpfulness into his teens which is when it usually bacomes hard to motivate the children to help..
    love to you your darling Mumma Hubby and family.

  5. Hi Barb. This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice to meet you. I have one grandson who is only 5 months old. It won't be long before he is helping like your sweet Max!